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any ideas if it could be something besides a pregnancy?

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Posted this in the preg cats and kittens folder too but since it is a "health" question of sorts I added it here also

quick recap........

April 25th my 3 yr old let Angel out Angel was in heat. May 1st Angel returned home.....

about 3 weeks after she got out her nipples got pink so figured for sure she was preg.... She never really got big though. took her to the vets twice (2 weeks apart) and vet couldn't be sure she felt anything that she could say for sure was a kitten, but Angel gained a full pound in those 2 weeks (vets scale, same scale both times). And she hasn't had a heat since.

Her nipples got a bit bigger but are not HUGE by any means and she should be due in about 2 weeks or just under........ (going by 65 days from the date she got out is in 9 days.......)

well a few days ago I was rubbing her belly and felt a "line" that stuck up down low. wasn't sure what it was so figured I was feeling things. Well today my daughter was rubbing her belly and commented on the BUMP she felt. But it isnt' a "round or oval" bump that I would think a kitten would be. This was a small thin "line" type thing then you could feel a harder part around that but felt like that was her whole abdomen area. But this "line/bump" type of thing is way down low near where her bottom teats are. not sure if maybe it is a tendon from her leg or something else???? maybe a kitten leg or something. But I swear one time we felt it on one side the next it was on the other and one time closer to the center. But if she is preg. with 1 kitten could it go back and forth in the horns if it was near the bottom of the horn??????? I am just not sure if it is a kitten or could be something more serious. And I don't want to go back to the vets for a 3rd time since we were just there about 1 1/2 weeks ago and have them just "feel" again. LOL think she thought I was crazy the 2nd time for going back. So wondering if I should wait till about 70 days from when she got out (so 64 from the day she came back) and if no kittens and still feel that bump if I should go in again.........

What else would cause no heat cycles, pink nipples, a little bump on her belly (but not big like a preg. cat would be) and that LUMP thing? Wish I could explain what it feels like....... And you can't see it so can't take a pix of it...........
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Why didn't your vet take any xrays or anything...
I would be very worried about anything that felt lumpy in an unspayed cat's uterus area. Either way you need to know for sure if she's pregnant. Maybe a different vet who wouldn't make you feel stupid for bringing in your pet is in order.
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is it her first litter? more common for first time mom to have smaller litter(well at least in prime of kittening-as they get older tehy start to have smaller litters again also) I know when misty was preg(had 5) i would often feel legs and such..once was feeling a leg and then it kicked and could feel vibrartion of water. was awesome at this far along I'd definatley take her for xray(if nothing else you'll know how many to expect) its pretty safe to xray and at least put your mind to ease. Can you go to another vet? RJ
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The vet offered x-rays but for $110 just to know if she was preg. or not wasn't worth it. I could wait till the 70 days from when she came back to see if she had kittens by then or wait for her to go into heat before then. if she is or if she isn't preg. I will need almost $200 for the spay and while I do have it (now didn't before which is why she hasn't been spayed) I didn't want to do both and would rather use the $110 for anything if it came up that NEEDED to be delt with. I just felt the lump/bump/line thing the other day didn't feel it then or I would have done the x-ray if she didn't feel any kittens and I was feeling that. At this point it would only be another couple weeks if she was preg. it isn't round like a mass or tumor would be.......... so wasn't sure if anything else would cause these symptoms or if it was most likely a kitten......

and yes her first litter (if in fact she is preg) and she is 2 yrs old.

Oh and she didn't say anything bad about me coming back just made a comment about how I was back to see again and told me "just like last time she couldn't feel anything". So maybe it was just ME that felt silly for going back again for something like that since it isn't really a "NEED" to see the vet a second time about it.
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