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My cat is in love with our dishwasher

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Our cat george is obssesed and i mean absolutely in love with our dishwasher!! from the second the door gets opened he jumps on it and rubs himself all over it rubbing affectionately all around the soap area and basically loving it with all his might lol!! does anyone elses cat do this? i am not sure why ours does cause he is very unloving other than when it comes to an open dishwasher door!!!
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Does your detergent smell like bleach? Some cats have a fondness for the smell of bleach
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nope! not at all! i do notice when clean with bleach it does seem to attract all the cats and i have to close them away but i actually use scented liquid like orange or lemon but that doesnt make a difference he adores it whether the dishes be clean or dirty sometimes when i turn around and its empty and ready to be loaded he gingerly is walking around in it! like on the pointy metal parts! it doesnt bother him i dont know why...it reminds me of when a cats in heat(he is fixed) and they are outside and rubbing themselves all over the sidewalk! if he could marry the dishwasher im sure he would lmao!
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That's pretty funny b/c usually cats don't like citrussy smells. The only reason behind this that I could think of is if you maybe feed the cat with dishes straight out of the washer- then he associates the smell with food time.
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My cats hang around the dishwasher too. Mine want to crawl inside. I think they would rather be my dishwasher.
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A cat that does the dishes and likes it!!!! You're one lucky girl! lol
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Maybe some internal noise it makes sounds like purring....
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Well, with Loomis it's all about the food...

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Sadie also adores the dishwasher (although I can't seem to train her to do the dishes or empty the dishwasher lol). Funny thing is that she doesn't lick any of the dishes -- so, it's not about the food. Instead, she just sorta perches on the inside of the door. Perhaps she just likes to be able to sit in a spot where the humans of the house can't go.
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I just had "duh" moment.. If it's right after you wash, maybe because the dishwasher is nice and warm!
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