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OK, so those of you that saw my post last week about poopyhead at work, THANKS!!!

Today I got an email message back from my boss. I just read the email as I was very nervous about it. I'm the type that I don't like to stir up a bee's nest, but if you push me enough I will. So I thinking that one of two things would happen, my boss tell me to get over myself or he would email me back saying that I was right to email him.

It was good! He wrote back saying that they had a talk today and that things will get better. He also mentioned that he agreed with a lot of what I had to say

I don't feel so nervous now!!
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Thats great!!
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yeah!!! So glad everything is working out in your favor!!
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That is awesome!! I ma so happy for you that things are goign to get better!!
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Yay!!! I'm so glad you decided to go to your boss instead of harboring those bad feelings (they can just eat at you, well they do me anyway)! At least now, if you ever have to deal with Poopyhead again, your boss is already aware of everything, and you won't be so stressed out over it!
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Don't you feel relief!!!
Some people think that they can get away with anything.
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Plus too, Poopyhead was just in my office to apologize.

He tried to make some excuse that he set everything up, but never really finished why...oh well...I really didn't care for any excuses.
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Did you whip out your camera phone and take a picture of him apologizing so you can relish in it later???
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Great! One less thing to worry about!
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That's awesome hun!!
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Originally Posted by GailC
Don't you feel relief!!!
Some people think that they can get away with anything.
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