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Leo has a torn ligament

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My kitty Leo was limping all weekend! I took him in to the vet today, and found out he has torn his anterior cruciate ligament. I was wondering if anyone has ever dealt with this in cats before. My vet suggests just treating with anti-inflammatories when needed, but that cats don't need surgery. I, myself, had ACL reconstruction many years ago, so I know how poor Leo must feel! Has anyone had a cat with a torn ligament, and if so, do you have any suggestions for good treatments or therapies for this little guy?

Leo is a handsome exotic shorthair (shorthair persian) that I "rescued." He's a handsome gray (smoke), and he's got the best personality ever!
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Poor Leo. Let's move this to Health to ensure our members skilled in this subject will see it. Please feel better, gorgeous Leo!
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My Lukas tore the same ligament 3 yrs. ago -my brother's dog decided to use him as a frisbee for some unknown reason-The vet recomended surgery to repair it-They sutured ligaments back into place & then closed outside with stitches-he was at vets for 5 (long to me) days-came home looking like a French poodle where they shaved leg-had to be quiet for a month-& has had no problems since-once in a while he'll appear to favor leg but vet said it's probably arthritis since x-rays show no damage to repair site-Hope this helps!
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