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Help! Cats need new home!

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I was laid off when my employer closed in November and have been looking for employment ever since. I have just been offered a job in NC and need to get down there ASAP, but the place I found to live will let me have my dog but not my three cats. Lilly, the mother, was found taped up in a box with another pregnant cat on the doorstep of the vet clinic I worked at ten years ago. She was halfway through her gestation, so I adopted her and nursed her back to health (she was skin and bones with a big belly of babies). She had five healthy kittens. I kept one, Oliver, who is a seal point. The rest I adopted out, but then one (Cody who is a flame point) had to come back because the people couldn't keep him in their apartment. Lilly is very unusual looking and has a mix of gray and orange on a cream-colored base coat of hair, and Oliver got her gray and Cody got her orange. All three have tourquoise blue eyes. They are healthy, spayed/neutered, and still have their claws. However, they have always scratched just on their cat tower and never ever on any of my furniture. If I stand in front of Oliver, pat my chest and say, "Jump to Momma!" he will jump up into my arms and just purr away. He also plays fetch with a little fuzzy ball - I'll toss it down the stairs, he'll run after it, carry it back to me in his mouth and then drop it at my feet. He'll do that over and over for 5 - 10 minutes. All three are big love bugs and even people who hate cats say they love my cats!
If anyone can help me find a home for them, I would be most appreciative! I'd like to keep them together, of course, but will split them up if I absolutely have to. With them, if the new "parents" want, will come a litter box, bowls, toys and a five foot tall cat condo.
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Well obviously I don't know all your circumstances, but you seem to love these cats very much, and they sound adorable. Is there no way you can find somewhere new to live where they can be with you? Can you foster them out to a friend or relative while you sort out a suitable place? It would be so much better for them and, I am sure, for you, to stay together.
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Do you have pics? How old are they? Plus,please do an adoption fee. I may be interested but need more info.
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If you only lived closer I would totally foster them until you could find a suitable pet friendly place.
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Unfortunately, the apartments and rental homes I can afford down in Jacksonville, NC (where I am moving to) won't allow more than one pet. I hope to buy my own house in a year, so perhaps I can find someone who would be willing to foster them for a year until I can take them back.

To "friskycatz": They are all just over ten years old. The vet thought that Lilly, the mother, got pregnant during her very first heat cycle. so she's not that much older than her sons Oliver and Cody.
I will try to attach some pictures. The first one would be of the two brothers "hugging" and the other is of the three of them with Lilly in the middle. They are very attached to one another and will crowd into one bed just to snuggle with each other.
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Oh my, they're all gorgeous, it's a shame I live so far away. =( Best of luck to you and the kitties!!
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they are gorgeous I tried to talk hubby into getting all three not to keep mind you but to foster for you and so far not going to well, I live a little ways from NC however so i don't know how that would work....But if i can talk him into it before you can find them "new parents" i'll let you know.
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If they are siamese..have you tried the siamese rescue:


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Aww they are so adorable..i think we are atleast 8 hrs from you
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