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Arm & Hammer's New Natural Litter!

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OMG, this stuff rocks! I have 2 litterboxes for 2 cats in the bathroom & I cannot smell it when they go poop! It has a similar texture to Swheat, but I didn't like Swheat(IMO, didn't cover smell). Let me explain the test it passed.

Damita & Chico are in the downstairs bathroom. There is only room for 2 litterboxes(I end up scopping 3+ times a day to be sure it is exra clean for my babies). The bathroom isn't all that big, but there is plenty of room in there. They get let out in the office when someone is in there, about 6-10 hours a day. I had been using Tidy Cats small spaces, but ended up changing it 2 or more times a week. Damita & Chico have had stress related diarrhea(stinky, I might add). In addition to the diarrhea, they are being fed Science Diet i/d(not by my choice, by demand). I put this new litter in one box on Saturday. The other box I filled with crystal litter(Fresh Step brand, maybe?). They use one box to pee(the one I put crystals in) & one box to poo(the one with Arm & Hammer). They have always done it this way. Anyway, there was seveal large poops in the "poop box" & when I walked in I couldn't smell them! The best comparison I could come up with is the new Arm & Hammer stuff is like Feline Pine, only it doesn't stink as bad after a while & the A & H has a texture similar to normal clumping litter.

The big kicker is the texture. Damita is mostly blind, so she will not use anything that doesn't have the same texture as normal litter. The Arm & Hammer litter clumps firmly, scoops easy, covers smells, has the same texture as normal litter, & it isn't dusty like the FP scoopable. I give this stuff 2 thumbs up! I cannot tell you exactly what it is called as Chico is sleeping on my leg right now & I don't want to disturb him. It is in an orange bag, say something like "natural", & it is a different bag style, it almost looks like a zipper-type thingy. Bad description, I know. The only place I have found it is in Hy Vee grocery store. They sold out of it in 2 days. They are getting more in Tuesday & I am so excited to try it on my 3 kitties!
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That sounds awesome! I'm always keeping my options open for a natural litter....WBCL is sooo expensive! Do you remember how much it costs?
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It's called Arm & Hammer High Performance Cat Litter. I think it cost me $6.66 for 7 lbs. I don't know what WBCL costs, but to me, this stuff was expensive. Then again, I end up using one 27 lb. pail in one week, if this stuff lasts one whole week, then I got my money's worth!
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What's this stuff made out of? Must be new.. Hopefully if it's that good more retailers will buy it and we can all try it out.
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The bag says "It's Natural*" & further down on the bag it says "*Natural Clumping Materials". The back of the bag says: " An odor free home begins with 1 Rock solid clumping...has a new advanced clumping technology. It uses natural clumping ingredients instead of clay, making it gentle for cat, people, & the environment. After use, this litter forms into rock hard clumps which immediately lock in & fight odors. 2 100% scoopable made from 100% scoopable litter. The unique shapes are easy to identify and remove, making grooming you rlitterbox a snap. You get virtaully dust free, soft litter that feels great on your cats paws. 3 Complete Odor Contol....combines easy scooping with the power of the world's most proven deodorizer, A & H baking soda. The baking soda stops odor on contact, then reaches deep down to fight odors caused by bacteria for long lasting & complete odor control. The breakthrough cat litter takes a major step toward turning your home into an odor free home. PLUS Natural Clumping Materials In addition to the benefits above...uses natural clumping materials and is biodegradable & flushable-the result of years of development. The inredients are meticulously selected & perfectly blended to provide absorbandy, clump quality, & odor control you expect. the only cat litter you'll buy for years to come! It performs so well you'll never believe it's nautral.

I substitued ....for the name & the bag didn't have spelling errors like my write up does, I'm sure. I have got to say, I haven't been this excited about a litter-EVER! Honestly, the bathroom smelled awful from the litter & I hated to waste so much money by chaging it more than 2x a week, so I would let it smell bad. With Tidy Cats small spaces, I would have had to change the litter either today or tomorrow, with the new Arm & Hammer stuff, I'm not even thinking about changing the litter. It smelled really strong(good strong) for the first few days & now the smell isn't so strong, but it doesn't smell at all like cat box in the bathroom. I might even get to go a whole week or two w/o having the change the box!

Here's a link to the litter.
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Hmmm... I wonder why they don't say what it is made out of??
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hmmm that sounds awesome, but like you said, a bit expensive, I pay $7.50 for 40 lbs of Premium Choice and $7 for 25 lbs of Premium Choice Extra (both from Pets Supplies Plus, which is the only place I've seen them) and they work fairly well, I just need to scoop more often I think.... on this topic, does anyone use baking soda in their litter boxes? after I scoop I sprinkle a little in and mix it up to try to control odor
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Originally Posted by sarathan
Hmmm... I wonder why they don't say what it is made out of??
I just e-mail them to ask what the litter is made of.
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I just bought a 15-lb. bag of it at Target for $11.50. It says it should last as long as 30 lbs. of clay clumping litter, that would be great if it's true. We'll see!
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I have been using the A & H clumping unscented clay and really like it.
I just bought a bag of their High Performance Clumping Litter to try.
If anyone finds out what the ingredients are....please let us know.
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It's corn based.

Church & Dwight Reports First Quarter Earnings.

the information can be found about halfway down.

I just put down a box of it- we'll see if they use it or not!!
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I use chicken feed, 50 ilb.s for 13.00. It is corn based and all natural, clumps and smells like corn. I can't tolerate fragrances. I used to use the sophisticat brand, pretty good unscented and clumping, but the dust flew when I scooped. I was worried about me and the kitties inhaling that crap.
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I am now using chicken feed as well. However, my family complained because the bathroom smelled like a barn from it, so I added some of this litter & now it doesn't smell like a barn.

I really loved it, but it gets to be really really really expensive when you are using 5-8 bags a week @ $7 a bag.
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I haven't open my bag yet...
I am pretty happy with the A&H litter that I am using.

I cannot stand a scented litter.
I this scented?
I may return it and just stick with what is already working.
I was just hoping for less dust.
The A&H unscented clumping clay is on $11 or so for 30lbs.
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The last couple of boxes of the regular Arm & Hammer I have gotten have been extraordinarily dusty- you stir up a dust cloud every time you scoop.
I don't want my kitties breathing that- I hope it is only a glitch in one batch as I really liked it otherwise.
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Litter dust is bad for our kitties.
I have never found a truly dust free litter.
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Hello! I'm new here, but saw this post when looking for a new litter and decided to try it. I like it a lot so far. I also emailed the company for the ingredients list, and here is what I got:

High Performance contains the following:

Baking Soda

Corn Cob


Guar Gum (Natural ingredient that aids in clumping)

Mineral Oil (Dust inhibiting agent)

Petroleum source (from mineral oil)

I figured, just in case anyone was interested.
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Thanks for posting the ingredients...
I had to return my bag because the strong fragrance made me sneeze.
We are now using A & H clumping fragrance free.

I wish they would come out with an unscented one.
Keep us updated about your experience with it.
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I tried Arm and hammer's Natural litter. It does have a rather strong fragrence. At first I didn't mind so much and my cats took to the litter realy fast. But then after 4 days the litter smell changed into more of a musky smell. I didn't like it. Neither did my cats...infact my one cat showed me that she did not like it by peeing outside of the box. Also I didn't like the way it clumped. The bag said something like hard clumping but it really didn't clump all that great. Perhaps it was because I use an automatic kitty box (litter robot), but the clups didn't seem to hold up very well after 10 minutes when it was scooping. So just an FYI to any automatic litter box owners.

Anyways this is just my experience with it. I went out and bought a new box of Arm and Hammers regular litter, that has always worked the best for me. I really wish I could cut down on the dust from the litter but I think that's something that I just can't avoid.
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It's Arm and Hammers Natural - non clay-based litter.

I bought it at WalyWorld the other day only because the other arm and hammer they had available, I HATE. The granuals were huge and it didn't really clump, it just turned to mush.

I used to use their flushable litter. I liked that, but they don't sell it here in Podunks-ville.

If anyone has used this and has an opinon I would like to hear it.

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I think there's a thread about it in the Care & Grooming forum.... not sure what people have said, too expensive for me!
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Haha, SO, we do have some users, i was just looking in the wrong section!

As far as price, my walmart had it for over 8.00!! I bought it, but had no idea that it was cheaper elsewhere.

What about chicken feed? I have never heard of using chicken feed. Is all chicken feed the same? Does it clump???

I have a three part litter box, it has 3 buckets that nest. Two of them are the same and solid. The third is black and the bottom of it is a strainer.

SUPPOSEDLY you are supposed to nest all the buckets with the black strainer on top. Put the litter in that one, and once a day or so, lift the black bucket let the good litter sift out, throw the soiled litter out and shuffle the buckets around so that you are back to where you started.

I find that the litter gets stuck in the strainer rather than fall through.

I need to find a litter that works better with this set up. I am at my witts end right now.

Any ideas?
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I don't have any ideas on the litter pan. I just use a good ol' scoop. I do use chicken feed, though. It is super cheap, esp. since i end up chaging Damita & Chico's litter at least 1x a week. It costs me $7.50 for 50 lbs. I also add some of the A & H High Performace litter to it to help with some of the "barn smell"(I dont' smell it, my family does).
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