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Skinny cats on free feeding schedule

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My cats had been free-fed their whole lives. I can't stay at home long enough to be able to schedule-feed them.

My problem is: They seem to be on the skinny side despite being free-fed kitten food (which everybody believes would make them fat). They get unlimited Drs.Foster and Smith kitten food dry and a large can of Wellness a day.

They don't have worms and they are still kinda a little bit skinny. Everybody tells me to not worry about anything. They say I probably just have distorted views about how chubby cats should be and since they are obviously healthy it is better to be skinny than fat. They say since the coats are very, very shiny the cats should be in perfect health.

Should I worry? Or should I be content?

Here is a pic of two of my thinnest cats.

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What does your vet say about their weight?
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How old are they?? Have they been tested for Hyperthroidism?? DO you feed them wet food ?? if not at least a 3ounce can a day would help them .. I have this issue also and my vet stated that some cats are lean...lol.. my pup is the opposite she is well filled out
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My vet said they are perfectly healthy.

The picture is an old one (sorry, I don't have a camera). It was taken when the kitten (Joy) was six months old and the adult (Basil were one and half years old). It was taken six months ago.

Nowadays they are somewhat larger, but the body porportions stay the same.

They get free feed dry and wet food twice a day.
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If your vet said they were healthy, then I certainly wouldn't worry about it.
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Shengmei, Your cats look terrific. Don't worry, just keep doing what you're doing. You're doing everything right. Your cats have a great metabolism. But this is not the case for all cats. I wish my cats had your cats metabolism. My cats do gain weight if I free feed them dry cat food which is why I can't do it. Spotty is almost 16 pounds and Rosie is about 12 pounds which is too much for her, She's a petite kitty. Like humans, cats come in all shapes, sizes and metabolisms. Some people can eat all they want and stay thin while some people have to suffer the consequences of every ice cream sundae and many fat people eat less than many skinny people. It's cats that are prone to putting on weight that should not be free fed dry food. But your cats are doing great so I would keep things the same but maybe replace some of the dry with wet food just to see that they get enough moisture in the diet.
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Slender but well muscled is fine..here is a chart you can use to self-assess your cats weight: http://www.placervillevet.com/feline...0condition.htm

If it were me, I'd not be feeding them two foods containing garlic, but I think you may already know my position on that, and may have seen the main article I refer folks too when they want to know why I feel that way.
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