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laserpens and cats

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recentley i have seen numerous videos popping up on various websites showing cats chasing laserpens, i would like to know your views on the possible damage to cats eyes as i have one but dont want to damage my cat in any way by using it, the pen i have is a red beam about 15 kw,obviously i wouldnt shine it directly into my cats eyes, but i heard the beam has to be focused on the eye directly for a good few seconds to cause permanent damage, any help/links are much appreciated! i would never forgive myself if i hurt my cats in anyway!
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I'm definitly not an expert but I have been using a laser for about a year now and my cats love it and I don't think it's affected their eyes at all.

I too was very scared to use one for the longest time but then my sister-in-law said that she used them with her two cats for years and never had a problem, so that made me feel better.

I heard the same thing you did, that it only hurts them if you point it directly in their eyes.

I also am careful not to use it for too long of a period, just in case.
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Be aware that some cats don't respond to the laser pens at all. I have cats that go crazy looking for the red dot, and others who could care less. I have used one occasionally with my seven year old, and her vision seems just as sharp as it was when I brought her home six years ago. My mom's cat, however, never cared about the laser light. I don't know whether she just can't see it or doesn't notice it because it doesn't have a smell (she's a mouser). Since you have one, try it and see if you cats like it. It really can provide a great form of exercise and entertainment.
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My cats love this with the exception of my 16 yo(failing health as is). The best is to put laser on ceiling and they follow it on ground. Also just introduced my neighbors dog to a pointer-dogs are so goofy with it Now he wants one for his dog RJ
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Basically, it's the same way with humans. If you point it in their eye for a few seconds, it can cause damage.

I have a laser pointer that I use with my kitty, but I always make sure that it is kept pointed far enough ahead of him.
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It never crossed my mind to be scared about using a laser pointer. I have been for years. Just like with people, as long as you don't shine it in the eyes, it is fine.
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My boys go nuts for it too, for about ten min until they realize it's just a dot, lol. But it has never hurt their eyes, and if they look over my way when it's on, I'll turn it off or point it in another direction away from their eyes. Like said above, it can't really hurt them unless you diliberatly sit and shine it in their eyes (which I doubt anyone would do to their baby!)
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