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Who had them?

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We were talking last night about when my sister and I were little. I had imaginary friend Sandy. It used to scare my dad because I would cry if we left her behind or someone sat on her. She was a clown. To this day my dad thinks she was a ghost. She even made me shave the freckles off my nose(it didn't work I still have them! )

Did anyone else have an imaginary friend when they were little?
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No imaginary friends, but whenever I did something bad, I blamed it on a mouse who lived under the fridge of course there was no mouse, and even if there was he certainly didn't take the glass out of the cupboard and break it
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I don't remember having any imaginary friends but I think that is because I have 3 little sisters who are all close in age to me.
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My mom tells me I had one for awhile (I don't remember having one at all) and that one day she noticed I was talking to my "friend" anymore and she asked me what happened and I guess I told her I was tired of my friend, so shoved them into a hole!

Guess they weren't a very good friend! (or I wasn't!)

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no imaginary friends either, but I did spend a lot of time by myself, sometimes playing board games alone
there's nothing like a game of monopoly against yourself... you're sure to win!!
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Yup!! i had one! she left when i was about 12 or 13 or so!

I find it sad that the Magic has gone!
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I did. We would walk around the woods in my back yard.
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I had "ghost" friends. I used to pretend I was on a ship with them. (My babysitter watched a lot of "Loveboat"). They didn't have names or anything, and I used to imagine them as appirations. Apperently my dad was pretty concerned.. He thought I was showing early signs of childhood schizophrenia.
Later on I had a "alter ego" that was really just a show I put on for the siblings.. Her name was Suzie Jacuzzi and she wore a babushka hat, tight little outfits, and was from England. I had been playing around with some old clothes and had altered some when my uncle said, "What are you some kind of Jacuzzi girl?". I tried to convince my brother that it was a different person. Unconciously I think that's where my cat Suzie got her name.
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I had an imaginary friend named Susie. She used to come out from under my bureau to play with me when it was time for me to go to bed but I wasn't sleepy yet. I remember playing with her up until I was about 4 or 5 years old. I think she went away after my dad told me that there was no such thing as an imaginary friend...
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My dad had a big pink rabbit named Harvey who he blamed everything on. Like that movie... Um. Did I mention he's insane?
I had all kinds of imaginary pets but no people.

I did insist that I could fly once though, for about a year sometime around kindergarten.
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Now honestly I don't recall having an imaginary friend...but who knows.
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Yes I had one but all I remember is my mom slamming her fingers in the car once and crying. However my daughter who is 5 has one (ahlula A LUE LA) she goes every where with us and has been around for over a year now lol
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I did not have an imaginary friend that I recall. I had a ton of imaginary pets though.

I also had a reoccuring dream where I could levitate myself. I had this dream a hundred times and still get it occationally. It takes place on the side of my parents house that I lived in my whole life up til 3 years ago when I moved out. A couple friends are there and my parents are worried that other people would see me and thing something is wrong with me.
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I had 2 little sisters that followed me everywhere. If I had any alone time, I wasn't sharing it with an imaginary friend!
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I totally had an imaginary friend..It was Fred Penner from Fred Penners Place. Do you guys remember that show? That is so hilarious, I just loved him!!
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I never had any imaginary friends, but it's funny reading these replies.
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