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please please help me!?

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Hope you guys can offer me some sound advice.

I'm having the typical peeing problems with one of my cats. I read all the threads and have learned some great things. My cat doesn't have UTI right now or anything like that so I think this whole thing started with stress. Now that I have eliminated the stress problem...I think he is continuing to pee outside the litter box just because he's used to it.

He'll only do this in our bedroom on either the rug (same spot every time), my husband's clothes (because he leaves them on the floor) or our blankets and pillows. I have washed everything and tried my hardest to get the urine smell out of the carpet, however I cannot completely get that odor out of the carpet I have tried a ton of enzyme cleaners and a ton of other things and nothing completely gets it out.

I have even banned him from the bedroom for several days.

I think my solution is to get a citrus spray and use it all over the entire room. However, I am very concerned that the smell will upset him since cats don't like that smell. I know that other threads/posts have mentioned to use citrus but has anyone ever used it in an entire room or has anyone ever had a problem with it? And does it really work?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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I have had a problem with my Persian in the past with pooping in my bathtubs. It is declaw issue and my fault but not related to stress like in your situation. I use a citrus orange spray cleaner in my bathtubs now and that seems to work but I find if I run out and use another cleaner he will use my bathtub.

The smell doesn't seem to upset him, he just doesn't like it.

I know there is something out there on the market just for cats and dog but I can't think of the name. I will do some checking and see if I can find it.

Good Luck.
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Thanks for the advice. I know there is feliway...is that what you were thinking of?

I was trying to avoid using it because it costs so much and I think that whatever I choose to use I'm going to have to use it at least for a couple of months for it to work...
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Did a vet test the cat's urine to rule out a UTI?

Regarding the enzymatic cleanser, it will not work if you have previously used an acidic cleanser on the spot. So, first you will need to neutralize the acid by soaking the spot with a mixture of water and baking soda. Once the water/baking soda has dried completely, re-treat the spot with an enzymatic cleanser. Also, I have found that some of the enzymatic cleansers just don't work well. Nok-Out is the most effective one I have used.
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Thanks for the advice. I'll try the baking soda/water idea and look into that Nok Out...a lot of people have mentioned it.

Yes he has been tested for UTI. In fact he had it earlier this year and there are a few differences between that time and this time. One of them is that last time there was blood in the litter box, this time there isn't. Also when he would pee you could tell he was straining and he would only go a little bit at a time, this time he isn't straining at all and trust me, he's not just peeing a little. You should see how much he drenched my comforter the other day! Another thing was with the UTI you could just tell he was miserable, he wasn't acting normal. This time he's still playing and tearing up the house as usual. So at least at this current point it's not medical related.

And some good news...he didn't pee outside the box yesterday at all. I was so proud of him! I'm hoping it was because we got rid of the source of stress, which I think was my Husband's and My work schedule. We'll see how he does today...
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