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Wierd Cat Behavior

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I am 21 weeks preganant and about two weeks ago my cat laid acrossed my belly, and then much to her surprise recieved a kick to her midsection. She jumped up and started swatting at my belly. Since then we started noticing some strange behavior from her, we don't feel that her routine has changed much. But any way, she sits at her water dish and splashes the water out, she will do this all day. In result my kitchen floor ends up with a river running through it. I am at my wits end we have tried giving her extra attention, but that is hard to do, I help take care of my elderly Grandparents, and my husband who is a truck driver is gone anywere from 8-15 hours a day. But, all of that has been the same since we got her two years ago. Any advice for this strange behavior?
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i am sure cats have senses we dont know about in modern science, and we as human beings are far from understanding cat behaviour, on the plus side im sure she wont do it forever, try putting the actual bowl of water into another container such as a tray maybe?
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Congratulations on your pregnancy!

I, too, have a cat who plays in his water. We solved the wet-floor problem by keeping his water bowl inside a heavy glass 9" x 9" brownie pan. Now the cat can play to his heart's content and the floor stays dry.
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Well, if your cats never been pregnant she might have no idea why your stomach kicked her... Maybe she thinks you were mad and hit her? Or maybe she senses the new baby coming and that certainly is a change. As for nothing in your life changing, I'm sure things have changed, down to the very last detail like you smelling different. It's all subtle, but to a cat it would add up into some anxiety.

Congrats on the new-soon-to-be arrival!

Just make sure your cat doesn't become jealous and help her know everything is still safe and stable. Have you tried a Feliway plugin?
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