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I was just outside getting the mail, and found a brown bat laying on the sidewalk! I am not sure if he was attacked by the dogs/cats or what, but he kinda freaked me out.... Are they dangerous? I have no clue about bats.
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That's so funny you should say that... my 4yo neice was telling me yesterday that a bat got into her house. She kept saying "and aunt Heather, I think it was a vampire bat, I think it wanted to drink my blood!" I told her it was probably Batman, and he wanted her to be BatGirl, but she was too busy screaming and hollering to notice... I said to her "what did Mommy say about the bat?" She said "mommy said AHHHHHHH! because the bat flew into her hair!" Then she started cracking up!
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Nope they aren't dangerous, they are like rats with wings

And contrary to popular belief, they do not fly into peoples hair. They have very good sonar and very rarely bump into things.
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Originally Posted by squirtle
Cool Thanks!!
I remember hearing awhile back that some kid got bit by one and died, because it had now thats what I am afraid of,lol. I hope it didnt bite any of the dogs.
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You should not touch a dead or sick bat, because they do carry rabies. In some places, it can be the thing to report a finding so that it can be collected and tested.
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The only thing you really have to worry about is rabies. When people ask why indoor cats should be vaccinated against rabies, I relate how Jamie managed to catch bats out on our (enclosed) balcony - twice within a very short period.
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Here is a pic of the poor 'lil burger....I was doing some "inspecting" and did notice what looked like bite marks on his neck. And he has some very pointy teeth!! LOL-and he also looked very fuzzy....

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poor little thing, we dont have to worry about rabies here thank goodness, i have a large colony of little black bats that live in a big old gum tree over the back fence at Marie's place.never see them this time of year but in summer when i stand on the pool decking they buzz over my head, they are funny little critters
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Poor little furry dude! We get bats quite often in our building and I have to rescue them and take them outside. It's amazing how they can squeeze into the smallest spaces, like between the window panes. I think they're cool. And they don't all carry rabies; it's just that they can, because they're mammals.
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No, thank goodness they don't all have it. But you can hardly ask one, can you? Even Britain, which has been 'rabies free' for decades as far as almost all animals are concerned , still has a rabies pool in the bat population. The last person to die of the disease there, only a couple years ago, was an environmental worker measuring bat colonies, who got bitten.
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Originally Posted by catloverin_ks
Here is a pic of the poor 'lil burger....I was doing some "inspecting" and did notice what looked like bite marks on his neck. And he has some very pointy teeth!! LOL-and he also looked very fuzzy....

Oh no now there so ugly, we used to have them many years back we had alot of huge black walnut trees I hate those things Actually just seeing it dead makes the hair stand up on my neck yuk, fuzzy wazzy was a bat
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Bats are good to have in your yard as they eat lots of insects. However I would be concerned if I found a dead one. I would not touch it barehanded.
There was a teenage in Wisconsin who was bit by a bat about a year or two ago. She did not tell anyone and she contracted rabies which is usually fatal.
The doctors did some unusal things to treat her and she did survive. She was and I think continues to have PT as the virus affects the nervous system (??).
I would contact your local health dept.
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