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itchy kitty?

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Does anyone have suggestions for products to relieve itchiness? Miss Arizona has been overgrooming for a couple of years now, and the vets have no idea what her problem is. We've ruled out food allergies and she's never had fleas. She seems to be itchy--she rubs her chin on things a lot and attacks herself in sudden violent spurts of determined licking and biting. I'd like to see if I can try something topical to help her out.
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Some vets sell medicated baths, Also Aveeno baths work very well!! She probably just has very bad allergies and dry skin. Is she indoor or outdoors?
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have you considered it to be a behavioral thing? Try Feliway and see if that help calm your baby.
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More good oils in her diet.
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Thanks, y'all. She's indoor only, and she's only had this issue since we moved down to NC from VA. It started after we'd been here a few months. So it seems like it could be some kind of local allergy.

StarryEyed, I like the idea of a medicated bath--but I doubt she would cooperate with that at all. I've only given her one bath several years ago and it became very clear that she had not been bathed as a kitten, as she objected mightily. I may try again, though--do you mean the regular Aveeno packets for humans?

Hell603, The vet did suggest that perhaps it might be a behavioral/stress-related thing, and that Feliway might be worth a shot, but nothing has changed in her little world for a very long time, so we can't fathom what could be bothering her. And she is otherwise behaving normally--she doesn't seem anxious or upset. If I tried the Feliway, do I have to get enough to cover the whole house, or is one room enough? (She wanders at will.)

Cearbhaill, what do you mean by "good oils" and how do you get them in the cat?
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Originally Posted by krissie
Cearbhaill, what do you mean by "good oils" and how do you get them in the cat?
Fish oil, flax seed oil- there are numerous preparations available that you just add to their food. I use Missing Link, but others are fine too.
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Get a couple of defusers and plug them in all over the house - but certainly one where she spends most of the time
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It says how much ground they cover on them I believe, just go by how big your house is and what it says. You don't need one in every outlet or anything.
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