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Hello guys,

I need help. Can you help tell how old is birdie? When we got her they said that they found her in 2003. she is missing a tooth. I think she is 3 now. they are saying she is 5. She already has grey ear hairs. is that a sign that she is old? I dont want her to be old now. she is doing now deep meows.
I think she might have a troat problem.
Any Ideas?

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Sometimes an experienced veterinarian will estimate age from the amount of wear on her teeth, specifically the molars.
Does she have tartar on her teeth? If the previous owners never had a dental done that might be of some help in determining age.

Even if she is five, that is not old. You've got ┬▒fifteen more years together!
Look on the sunny side!
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Well I'm sure being on her own aged her a little extra, they say that outside cats have a MUCH shorter lifespan, and like Cearbhaill said, 5 is not old at all! still a spring chicken when properly cared for, cats can live up to 20 years, maybe even longer!
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Thanks. one more question. When the animal shelter found birdie she was looking bad. when i looked in her mouth she was missing some teeth. Do I have to worry about that? She eats kibles with no problems.
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you might just want to keep an eye on it, just to make sure no problems develop later, but if she's eating fine I wouldn't worry- my dog, Girl, is missing some teeth, but she still chomps on her food and bones like mad!
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First how long have you had Birdie?

Cats hide their pain very well and if she has not been to the VET lately - please take her and have her teeth checked. Like in humans teeth are very painful.
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I had her for a year. in a week we are takeing both socks and birdie. Now both cant be sperated from each other. if one is gone the other cries.
so thats why we have to take both of them
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