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So last night I went to take a picture of my beautiful Reba... she had found a place to sleep on the bookcase. Well I go to take the picture and the camera froze! It has a redlight start so it takes out the red eye and it froze on the redlight... I couldn't turn it off or anything! So I had to pull the battery (the cats were trying to attack it!) and now it won't do ANYTHING... the lens is out on it... and worst part is... I can not find the reciept. BOO! I had bought a 3 year warranty on the thing... but now i don't know if I can use it? I just don't know what could have really caused the thing to freeze like that?

Disappointing... I bought it in April on a recommend that it was a good camera... But now it's broken less than 2 months later... what is that all about?