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Career options--joke

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For those of us uncertain about what job we want. I think I missed my calling. The tired frisbee designer sounds interesting. . .

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Woohooo! I am supposed to be a digital chicken salesperson!!! :LOL:

So is the chicken digital or am I??? :LOL:
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I'm supposed to be a plastic lawn chair assistant. I guess I'll have to tell my boss I quit on Monday
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Does that mean you get to try out the chairs all day? I'm jealous!
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I get to be an imported lawn chair coach. Which is imported, though - the coach or the lawn chair?
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Oooh, I'm a certified oyster hygienist.... Ah.... Where do you go to school for that?
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I should be a virtual mushroom tester. Hmmmm.:paranoid2 :paranoid3 :paranoid2
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A broken accordian painter! Well, that's a sensible choice for a music teacher, isn't it? And you all probably thought it was just a joke!
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Well, who would have thought, I'm a "Juvenile Dust Bunny Tester." Now I'm should not surprised about the Juvenile part, for I'm 42 going on 12. I'm sure that I can find plenty of dust bunnies under my bed. However, still unsure how you test a dust bunny or test it for what. I think I will require some on the job training for this.
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Maybe your just supposed to measure them? :LOL:
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Wow! I should be a Certified Dinosaur Intimidator. Hmmm, shouldn't be too hard to intimidate since they are extinct! :LOL:
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HA! I am a UFO!! Unlimited Flamingo Officer! I better keep that in mind for the next zoo trip! lol
Cute Link!! I don't know, so many options, the mobile puppet therapist sounds interesting...
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I'm on my way to fulfilling career as a 'Cardboard Oyster Scientist' Pssst...where does one find cardboard oysters??
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I don't know, but I wouldn't eat them! :laughing:
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Nuclear dust bunny behaviorist. :laughing:
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cosmic cubicle entertainer...sooooooo, I'm entertaining people in cubicles in space???? I'm confused, but it sounds like all these years of dance training just may pay off! not bad for a first job...
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