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A memorable Father's Day

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Well, Father's Day 2006, is likely to go down in history as one of the most memorable for my family thanks to my 16-month-old nephew, Liam. I don't want to gross you out too much, but he had a major baby blowout yesterday afternoon in the midst of a family gathering at my brother's house. It was everywhere - on the family room carpet, on Aunt Eileen, who happened to be the first one to pick him up after it happened, all over Liam's clothes, up under his clothes, in his hair, on the kitchen floor and cabinets where we took him to get him cleaned up. Poor little guy was crying so hard and you've never seen so many grossed out grown-ups (most of whom have had babies of their own!), scrambling to clean everything up. As Liam's daddy was giving him a bath, we sat around talking about how gross it was and how we'll have something to tease Liam about when he's older.

Anyone else have a particularly "memorable" Father's Day?
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eeeeew! give me a litter box any day!!!
Well, my father's birthday is June 26th and every year my dad used to take his fishing vacation in June, so he was never home for either his birthday or Father's day, so we had to celebrate both on whichever one he was home for
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Oh Eileen, there's nothing like baby blowing to gross people out!

My father passed in 2003, so I had to do my visiting with him in my mind, heart and cemetary....the flowers my mom planted are doing beautifully!
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Well lets see. I fought with my dad. Seriously. He gets mad over my driving. I have some road rage issues and somehow it was brought up. I ended up going home early. But he called and apologized which a fews ago he would have NEVER done. Oh and the dogs got into a fight. Other than that it was a good day!!
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My nephew did the same thing at 1 of the holidays last year! It was SO GROSS! We were all saying "what did you feed him?" to my sister....

I went to visit my dad yesterday and we went out to an early dinner.... we went to the Texas Roadhouse... mmmm was it good. My neice was so cute telling me about how a bat got into her house, and she thought it was gonna drink her blood! I told her it was probably just Batman, and he wanted her to be the next BatGirl! My dad was thrilled that we were all together....

Hubby took his daughter fishing at a hatchery... and they didn't even catch any fish?! City boys.... what can I tell ya?
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That's one of those times, when you're inclined to keep the diaper and throw away the baby

That happened when my ex-MIL gave Castoria to my oldest son.
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