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Decreased appetite

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Just trying to get some thoughts on Rambo's loss of appetite.

Here's the story. A week and a half ago Rambo was diagnosed with a UTI and placed on Clavamox. About 3 days ago he basically stopped eating. He would turn down any and all wet food, and all dry. Yesterday and today I got him to eat about 1/4 of his wet food and a few treats. Now the weather has been warmer here, but the A/C is on. Further Rambo is usually my feline vaccum cleaner and eats everything and anything and usually steals the rest of Lucky's food. The last few days Lucky has been finishing off Rambo's food. (Rambo is DSH, and Lucky is DLH).

Is this appetite just his response to the heat (and does Lucky's long hair help insulate her more and keep her cool?), could it be from the antibiotics? Or should I be concerned that there may be something else. He's still playing around, sleeping (maybe a bit more then usually), and drinking from the toilet as usual.....

thanks everyone...
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Probably both - he can feel the heat outside and the antibiotics are probably doing a number on his tummy especially since he is not eating that much.

Ask your Vet about giving him 1/4 pill of Pepcid AC to sooth his tummy. Hope that works for you,
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Thanks, I will give them a call today. I was also trying to figure out if it could be that he has a hairball built up in his tummy (leading him to feel full). I found a passed hairball in the basement but not sure who it was from. With the heat they are both shedding like crazy. I tried giving him a little pumpkin to try and move things along, not sure if that was any help or not. i don't want to try too much and throw him off eating entirely.
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