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Daily Thread June 19

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Good morning!

Just getting ready for work...have a great day everyone!
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Good morning all!

After a very looooonnnngg weekend of celebrating and late nights, I've come down with another horrible cold, on top of being so tired from the weekend. Being @ work is the last thing I want to be doing!

I hope everyone has a much better day than I'm having!
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Good morning all!! Our computer systems are down right now. Well for work related stuff anyway!! So I have free time today to plan my sisters baby shower!! Its not till August but I am really excited!!!
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Working but meeting my BF for a long lunch break

Tonight is the Oilers game so I night in front of the TV (big day at work tomorrow so nor going to a bar to watch the game - want to get out of here early tomorrow to watch England play)
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Good morning everyone!
I am feeling a little hungover this morning, but other than that things are great I learned that a chick flick and wine are a great combination, just not on a Sunday night!
Work is quiet this morning since my boss is out of town. I am using my time to study for my med term midterm on Thursday.
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Morning all! Had a decent weekend, made great by my new additions Went to the parent's house yesterday for dinner and to wish my Dad happy Father's Day. We've started overtime back up at my job-yippee!!!-so I had to be to work at 6:30 a.m. today but I rode in with a co-worker who lives near me, so in addition to OT, I'll be saving on gas Things are gonna change I can feel it!!!
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Good Morning Gang!

The weekend was filled with ups & downs... my sister ended up losing her baby (she was 5 1/2 wks prego) so that was very sad . There was no explanation... and she is really upset.

But the weather was beautiful, and I got to spend Father's Day with my Dad... we had a great dinner, and then some QT at his house (he dozed off in the recliner while holding the remote hostage and forcing us to watch boxing) so me & my sister chit-chatted away.

The weather was gorgeous and I enjoyed my "therapy" behind the wheel of my convertible... there is nothing like having the sun on your face and the wind in your hair... ahhh, nature is beautiful!

Happy Monday everyone!
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Afternoon everyone I was at Gils at the weekend because it was his daughters 18th and his sons 21st birthdays so we had booked a party for them on saturday night, and what a night it was!! So i didn't get back until 11.p.m last night and it's caught up with me now

Roll on the weekend because Gils back down at mine for my nieces wedding on saturday so it's party time again!!!
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Afternoon all!
Susan you are a party animal! Did everything go ok? did the kids enjoy it?

Im almost done at work for the day which is great Off to my friends to get my nails done this evening so will have to spend the next few days getting used to them again...
I am just so excited about graduation on friday and the ball on sat, in a way I don't want it to happen because I won't have it to look forward to once its over
Oh well I'll get over it
Enjoy your day everyone!
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Its sunny but a bit breezy today. Slept quiet late this morning due to much pain in elbow. Trying to icewhile I type its not working!!
Dug out and transplanted some perennials this am-more to do as the rest of our tree is going to get cut down in a couple of weeks!!
Have some billing to do sometime today also.
Have a great day!!!
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