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I learned a lesson:)

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Yesterday, we finally took Kylee to the pet store to pick out a mouse or hamster. She decided on a cute little Teddy Bear Hamster. We were in Rhode Island at the time and it was getting late, we needed to stop and get something to eat before the drive home. The whole time we were eating, Ken was teasing me that he was going to chew his way out of the box. Of course I wasn't too worried because the girl at the pet store said that he couldn't. Well, she was WRONG!! We got back to the car and I peeked into the window to see the one end of the box in pieces. I warned Ken before he opened the door, and thank goodness he was sitting right there on the edge of the seat. It took a minute to get him, he kept popping out of Kens hands..lol. I can just see Ken running through the parking lot trying to catch a hamster that's only about 3 inches long. Kylee just so happened to bring one of her cardboard tube purses, so he made the ride home in her purse. So the lesson is never to trust a sales person when they say that a small animal cant chew through the cheesy box they give you
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Sandie, I'm sorry you had to learn that the hard way. When we had breeder feeder mice Brian and I would have to make frenquent trips to the pet shop to even out the sex of mice we had. One time while we were checking out with the little blue box that says "I'm going home" with a couple mice in it, the cashier started to put the box in a paper bag. Brian told the cashier he didn't need to put it in a bag since we were going right home. The cashier smiled and told us this story.

A customer had come in and purchased a mouse and kept it in the box. They stopped at a convience store to grab something real quick and came back out. Well they didn't realize the mouse chewed his way out of the box. By the time the person got home and realized the mouse was gone, the mouse had gotten up into the glose box and he couldn't find it. They tore the car apart looking for the mouse but never did find him.... Although he had chewed a few wires on his way out and they needed to be replaced. Needless to say we accepted the bag.
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and have seen squirrels chew through ceiling tile and insulation, it does not surprise me that little hamsters can chew through cardboard. I am glad you found the little one, but I have to admit I got a good giggle at the image of Ken on his hands and knees trying to get a hamster out from underneath a car in the parking lot!
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I'm glad there's a happy ending, but Hissy's right. The pictures it conjures up are really funny!
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Glad to hear you caught the hamster!! That saleslady didn't know too much telling you they can't chew through cardboard...they have razor sharp teeth.
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