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We adopted Stumpy!!

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So we fostered Genevieve (aka Stumpy), a gorgeous kitty almost 2 weeks ago after she'd been hit by a car and needed TLC and recovery time before going up for adoption. Within a week I'd fallen in love with her amazing personality, and last Thursday I finally managed to convince my husband we should adopt her - so I went in to the shelter and officially adopted her! We'd agreed not to get a cat while we're here in the US (here on work visas), but she was too wonderful to give back to the shelter we were fostering her from!

My husband doesn't like cats on the bed, and I thought there would be no way he would let Stumpy on the bed, but Friday night, he left the door open so she could come into the bedroom, and put her on his chest when she jumped on the bed. Hehehe She's also great in that she lies at our feet, and she doesn't stir us or annoy us until we move in the morning. She'll sleep until we start moving, then will come and snuggle up into my arm.

She's definitely already won us over, and given how well she settled in, and dealt so easily with her new surroundings, I think she's pretty happy too! The loud purring when you so much as look at her gives us an idea she's pretty happy as well

Stumpy just hanging out (showing her shaved "spay belly")

She of the stumpy tail on the couch

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Stumpy really look cute...
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ah! what a lovely happy ending!
She sounds an amazing cat.
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She's ADORABLE and a manx !!So glad you all adopted her and your hubby is doing so well with her,they sure can win you over !!Your new kitty friend,Moniece
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She's not a manx, she was hit by a car and suffered a broken pelvis and broken tail, and the tail got amputated because she had nerve damage in it and couldn't hold it up.

I'm hoping she doesn't have any back or hip problems in the future because of it
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Awww bless her she's so sweet! . I love it when cats wrap the men around their claws!

I'll move this to Fur pictures for you
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Do all posts with kitty photos go in Fur Pictures?
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They do
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Okey dokey, I'll remember that for the future
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Aww! Bless her heart, and bless you guys for adopting her!!
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she really is gorgeous... just a question-you said you're here on work visas-i'm assuming you'll take her with when you go back home?

i <3 tabbies
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Yup, we'll be taking her with us. She just has to sit through one month in quarantine
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ohhh, look at that little spay belly.......kiss it for me!
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Sarah shes gorgeous!
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What a cutie! Congradulations.
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I am so happy for you and sweet Stumpy.
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She's a beauty! I hope she'll do ok being in quarantine for a month. I hate that they have to keep her that long.
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We just went for her freebie vet check that you get with the adoption and she passed with flying colours. I took her to the vet that took care of her when she initially got hit by the car and they were really happy with her progress.

They said I just need to watch for constipation since the pelvic area is narrowed, and she may get blocked up especially while it's all still healing. No signs of that so far, so all's good.

She did chew and I think swallow a chunk of feathery stuff from a toy today though, so hopefully that won't cause her any problems!

I thought she was a bit thin, and the vet said she is maybe a little underweight, but not too skinny, and it's better for her to a little underweight than overweight, particularly because of her injuries so that's good!

She was so good at the vets. She didn't like her temperature being taken, but once she calmed down a little (the vet was great), she purred and rolled around and took all the attention she could get The vet could see why we adopted her!
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