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diarea from pregnant cat

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i know i replyed about this on a different topic but i figured it wouldnt get seen in that topic cause it was a differnt subject. my cat (bumpkins once ember i changed it ) is haveing a little diarea and i was wondering if this was normal I beleve she has like 2 weeks left b/c i can feel and see the babies moving under the skin.

thanks in advance
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Some cats will get that before she has the kittens . Have you changed her food resently?
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i recently changed it to kitten food b/c i was told to by everyone (shes pregnant)
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has she been taken to a vet to make sure everything is ok? I dont know if maybe the food chage could be why ask gayef she is on here she should know look under the members list and ask her
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The change in food could have caused the runny stool ... but some cats do tend to evacuate their bowels and bladder right before they deliver. It comes from not being able to distinguish the feelings of the contractions with the need to visit the litter. I didn't read your other post, but do you have any idea of when she was bred? Is this a cat you found already pregnant or was she your pet that accidently escaped?
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i found her on the highway lol im not going to retype the story but i found her about 3-4 weeks ago and the kittens are moving im sures she pregnant cause i can feela kick every minute or so...
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OK, I just read your original post about her -- sorry I didn't look before I posted before but I wanted to help as quickly as I could since you were online.

I would give it a day or so and see if the diarrhea doesn't clear up on it's own. Just make sure she stays well hydrated and if it persists, take her on in for a check up.

ETA: If the babies are moving around a lot, then you are probably getting pretty close. Keep a watch out for signs of contractions and make sure your girl has a safe, convenient place to deliver her little ones. Have you read the sticky article about what to expect and how to prepare? Here it is if you haven't read it yet:
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one more thing i heard that during pregnancy cats somtimes have diarea and sickness and sometimes vomiting.. is this true?
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Yes, some cats can and do have a little "morning sickness" but normally that happens early on in the term.
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is this serious... should i worry?
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Did it just start today or how long has it been going on?
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just a litte bit yesterday
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OK, give it until tomorrow and see if it doesn't clear up on it's own, but you might want to call your vet and see what he would advise. I think it is probably due to the food change -- unless you changed the food over gradually, it can cause an upset tummy when cats aren't used to it.
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