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Wouldn't it be neat to see TCS open a chatroom as well? Just a thought!
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That woudl be cool, my horse foum has one, they also hold photo contests, everymonth a different member picks around 5 categories and guidlines, and posts the categories and guidlines on the 1st of every month, at the end of the month the same member pics out 3-5 pics and posts their top picks. Then someone else volenteers to do the next month.

Adims? Mods? Do you think that these are good ideas?
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We dont have a chatroom for a reason.
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and what reason is that?
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Because the moderators here put alot of time and effort into this site, and it would be double load of having a chatroom.

To check for swearing, spam, and weirdos!
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What if there were mods ONLY for keeping an eye on the chatroom?
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I think that if they were interested, the mods could deem some of the higher up members as mods for the chatrooms and they could go in shifts. Just an opinion. Or they could incorportate some sort of warning systems about abuse in the chat rooms, and if you get so many warnings by a mod they your banned for a certain amount of time.
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