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Really Need Advice: Anal Glands draining????

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Madden just came in begging to be fed so I picked him up and when I did I noticed that his bottom was wet. So I put him up on the windowsill and lifted his tail and there was what looked to be puss draining from his anal glands!! One of them was draining green and one was draining yellow. It dosen't really stink, but I have a head-cold so it might and I just can't smell it.

I know what the anal glands are and how they work, but I thought cats usually expressed them when deficating. What I'm wondering is: Is this the normal colors for draining or is there an infection of some kind? And is it normal for them to be dripping like this??

I'm wondering if he needs to see the vet in the morning or if I'm worrying to much. Thank you guys so much.

ETA: Nevermind, it does stink!! Not really like poop, but I can't explain how it does smell.
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This is not normal. I would take him to the vet tomorrow for a simple anal gland expression. That should solve the problem. They might also want to take a fecal sample from the kitty to rule out infection or any other issue. My guess is he probably just needs his anal glands expressed. Hope that helps.
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They don't feel impacted, and with as much fluid that came out of them I don't know if there would be anything to express. I am fully prepared to take him to the vet, and probably will anyway, but do you think that they are infected seeing as how one was green?
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I would think it was infected, but my kitties have never had problems expressing theirs, so I would not know.

I would take kitty to a vet though.

Please keep us posted!
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Green's definitely NOT a good colour! Sounds like an infection. Definitely try to take as fresh a fecal sample as you can with you.
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What did your vet say?
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The vet said that sometimes the fluid is just green and that they didn't appear to be infected and there was no fluid left to expell. He did give him a shot of antibiotics just in case. Great news!! Thanks for reminding me to update!
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That is great news.
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