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Festus is my girl cat. Her Momma was found, extremely preggers, wearing a collar. So I figured someone would claim her. I didn't plan to name her, but in time "Kitty" became "Miss Kitty". So when she had her kittens we ended up naming them after the Gunsmoke characters. Marshall Matt Dillon, aka Mattie, and Doc, Sam, and Festus. We didn't plan to keep Festus, but now she is our Festie, or Festus Marie!

My most unusual name was probably my foster Sugartoes. My kids found that name on a kitty name search, and I thought it was silly. I pictured a kitty with white sugar paws. Then I met Sugartoes, a sweet tortie girl with brown sugar toes...I knew that had to be her name.

I had a kitten as a kid who ran off the couch-and fell straight to the floor "splat". So I named her Lickety Splat! We had a black boy named Periwinkle, or Perry for short.

My last litter had twins. They were named Zazzou and Spazzou. So Arlyn, for a while, I had a Spazz. I'm certain her adoptive Mom renamed her!

We had dogs named Logan and Storm from the X-Men comic books. Logan was a rottie mix, with black paws but brown toes, like Wolverine's claws. Wolverine's character's name is Logan.

We adopted Storm, and her name was Lacy. She was so neglected that she had no idea that was her name. So dh named her Storm to match Logan.

I'm loving these great names!
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I just loved the name Bijou (French word for jewel) and his eyes were like beautiful jewels. Unfortunately Bijou is a feminine name but we don't let him know that. He's such a masculine fellow he would be offended.
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Haha thats great! All these names are awesome!
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