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Original Names!

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Hi! Just wondering how many of you have original names for you pets? I love uncommon names! My two girls are named Jade and Isis ! Granted Jade isn't too original but however I don't think I've met a pet named Isis yet! I would love to hear everyone's original names and how you got them! I'll start!

Jade ~ I had her named picked out as soon as we decided she would be ours! I loved the name for a daughter and since we found out recently that we won't be having kids for quite some time, I decided to dub my first kitten with the name I would have chosen for my first daughter!

Isis ~ Her named came along as a result of internet browsing and my fiance. After we brought her home, we decided we wanted a unusual name for this kitten. I started looking into Egyptian godesses names (because I could tell this kitten was going to think she was a little godess) and found Isis. I mentioned it to my fiance and he fell in love. He said since I got to name Jade that he should get to name this kitten. Hence her name!
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I had the hardest time coming up with a name. Since JinJin was feral, she was really good at disappearing, so I remembered there was a magical dog on I Dream of Jeannie named Jinn Jinn, and there was. When I googled it, though, I saw that JinJin was Okinawan for "firefly", and I liked that better! When she delivered her kittens shortly after, I named them after bugs!
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That's absolutly adorable! Very beautiful cat btw! Thanks for sharing!
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I have an Isis but her name came about in a strange way. She actually started life on the floorboard of a Firebird in a puddle of freezing water. I named her Ice because she was ice cold. The name Isis gradually evolved from there. LOL

Rotton - Because he was born spoiled rotton.
Rainbow - Possum - Because when he was little his face was shaped like a oppossums face
Ramses - Named after a King so I'm told. Who had tons of children. He's now Ramsey and is neutered.

I have more but that's about it. Oh and my Rainbows Tink and Psycho. Tink is short for stink cause he naturally smelled bad and Psycho because he was an utter love nut. He'd go psychotic if you stopped petting him.
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ADORABLE! lol. I've never met another Isis. Different meanings but definately cool! Thanks!
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Tonka and Lexus were both named by my husband, who has a deep abiding love of Japanese vehicles. *grin* I will be adding another female kitten to my program hopefully this upcoming December and she will follow along with the naming convention - she will be known as Mitsubishi, Missy for short. We also had a litter of kittens who came to be known as Honda, Toyota, Accura, Infinity and Nissan respectively but of course, their new families changed their names to Monster, Katie, Anya, Ivan and Thai. *smile*
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Mine are not so normal cat names,

Dolly-cause she looked like a little doll, I call her Dollface/Dolly possum.

Cody-I wanted to give him a human name cause he thinks he is human.

And the other weird names are in my siggy, those names I found on a baby name website. http://123-baby-names.com/

Though I first heard the name Sanora in a movie, and loooved it.
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Mine aren't too unique...i think Fosters, our dog has the most interesting name.

Ginger- yeah i know it's really common, but i was 10 at the time
Fosters- he's an australian shepherd /collie mix - so my boyfriend named him after the Australin beer...even though australian shep.s come from N. America

Velvet- Named after the song "Black Velvet"
Abilene- It was just a cute, southern name
Jasmine-She had her name before i adopted her
Isabella- she is my little princess, and she needed a name that fitted her

And my foster kitty Harley got his name because when he purrs it sounds like a motorcycle

Sophie- there is a little girl in the nursery i work at named Sophie Rose Boe who runs around calling herself "Sophie Boe Boe"- it was just such a cute name, so i named my bunny Sophie.
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AWWWWWWWW all these are great! lol. I love the cars and I definately LOVE LOVE LOVE Jasmine. That's my name in real life lol. great stories!
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Sam's not very original, named him Samson at first, and it got shortened
"Mica" is Croation...Croatian? anyhow, for "Kitty". That's my babygirl's name, I thought she was a boy when I got her (long story) and she had a different name. My friend kept calling her Mica, and the name stuck.
I see there's another Mica here too
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Teufel - Gatto: At first he was such a little devil so i called him teufel he never responded to it though, my ex boyfriend started to name him Ghetto Di Gatto, and he just picked up that Gatto was his name! Gatto means Cat in Italian.

Kaylee is just kaylee i liked the name when i looked it up in the baby book and i just wanted to give her a human name.
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My pets names are:
Gracie- Just because she seem so sweet and she has a sleek body although she is just a pup and has not become graceful yet.

Yen-She had that name when she came to us and we kept it as she was already 4 and has been called Yen since day 1.

Mittens- She is a chocolate point snowshoe and she looks like she has mittens on. Not too original but fitting.

RIP-Yen's Kittens
Yuki- Yuki had an accident and I thought she(really a he. found out later) died, but he only passed out from pain and recovered. I love Japanese names and Yuki is japanese for Lucky. Unfortunately he passed at 4 1/2 weeks as did his brother Hitomi.

Hitomi- We named Yuki first and since he got a name kitten a needed a name too. He had the most gorgous blue eyes so I named him Hitomi, japanese for Blue eyes. I also just really like the strong sound of the name.
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Simon and Sapphire came with their names, Simon fit him because he's Siamese and we were going to change Sapphire to Pixie, but somehow Sapphire just stuck My latest additions are part of my new "theme", I like to name in themes for some reason: Pandora, Antigone, Zeus, Ismene, Medusa and Demeter are all characters form Greek Mythology My dog's are Vino, he came named that also, and Girl, I just call her Girl because she is deaf and can't hear me anyway!
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My husband and I are big video game players so we named our first kitty 8-Bit. After the 8-Bit Nintendo Entertainment System. He also likes to "friendly" bite. Scratch Fury Destroyer of Worlds is named after the crafty cat in a web comic. I thought it would be funny to name a sweet kitten a huge name that he doesn't live up to.
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My boyfriend name my cat, Phenom, after his go kart. He has raced since he was 8 and had picked her name out as soon as he saw her. SHe was playing in her cage and running around and he thought she was fast so he said Phenom! It is really unusual but when I go on the racing forums there are a lot of guys who named their dogs or cats after their go karts!!
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My dog, Bear, not at all original, but he came with the name.

My NFC, Spaz, she is one, never met another cat with the name.

Vash, while not original, it is unique for a cat.

Trouble, Shadow, Cassi, Ivory, all pretty standard names.

My tarantula is Lloth, I'm sure at least some of you know where that came from.

Abby, my Quaker parrot. Strange line of thought, Quaker parrots are also known as monk parakeets, monks live in monastaries, monastaries are also known as Abbeys, hence, Abby.

My Macaw, I was determined to have myself an Irish birdie, his full name is Murphy H. Macaw.
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LuckyGirl was named that because well, she is Lucky... she was born with a birth defect, causing her to have a tail exactly like a bunny rabbit's tail, and she was semi-feral, malnourished & under weight... she was skin & bones when she found us. We were on vac and trying to do a good deed by giving our park tickets to the family of a handi-capped child who desperately wanted to go on the Spiderman ride & his parents couldn't afford the ticket.
So she found us... and hubby (formerly known as the cat hater) couldn't resist her (she still knows how to play him like a fine tuned violin!).

Now, Jasmine (our daughter) & I wanted to call her Puss in Boots...cause of the white boots, but hubby said NO! If she comes home with us she's mine & I'm calling her LuckyGirl, cause she's Lucky she only lost a tail, and she's Lucky she found us. So, her tag says Lucky Boots (our compromise...) but she doesn't even know that cause we all say "c'mere you lucky girl...."
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Lukas because it's Swedish for "son of light"-he was very light in color as a Siamese bluepoint next to my sealpoints-& was a little ray of light then & still is-even when he gets me up at 4am meowing thru the window at a big toad sitting on the porch like he did this am
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Nathan and Nedicks are named after Nathan's Famous Hot Dogs and Nedick's Frankfurters, two NY hot dog stands. The original Nathan's Famous is at Coney Island. DH and I spent a lot of time at Coney Island when we were first dating and every time we were there we ate lunch at Nathan's. Nedick's Franks are basically out of business now, but when we got the kitties (they are brother and sister) we wanted their names to be a matched set, so...Nathan and Nedicks (actually I was the one who came up with the names). Last time we took Nedicks to the vet though, and he realized that her brother's name was Nathan, he said they sounded like a couple of dachsunds instead of cats.
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My pets names aren't very original. We have 2 cats named Milo. One was already named that, and the second one my boyfriend named. We didn't have both Milo's in the same house, until this past year.

Zebra I guess is a bit original for a name. She looks like a Zebra though, and everyone always says that they can see why we named her that.

At my parents house, I have a cat named Sara who my mom named, a cat named Licorice that my sister named and a dog named Candy who I picked out a name for after looking at a dog name website.

Our dogs are named Zoe and Terra. We didn't name them though, so I don't know where they got their names from.

We had a hedgehog that just recently died. His name was Sonic, which is probably the most common name for hedgehogs because of the video game.
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You all have some interesting cat names Mine are going to seem boring!! I have no reason behind any of my cats/dogs names, just because I liked them,lol. Sherman is just because, all though my friend wanted me to name him Picasso because of his markings. Theres Abby and Lily, Callie, and Chloe. My dogs are Molly(already had her name when we found her) Jimmie, well because we already had a Chevy(RIP) and hubby wanted something to do with a chevrolet....and then Amy(my pit) actually my 2 y/o called her that, so thats the name that stuck!!
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Bakker-cause he likes to "knead" alots (esp at 3 in the morning)
Bobber-not to orginal as she is a bob-tailed cat
Grizzly-DH picked that name out but it funny as she is long haired and kind of chubby so we also call her grizzly bear.
Ox-strong big black cat who lumbers along.
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Here are my two girls...

Polly - becuase she is a Polydactyl (so NOT very original) The name really does fit her though. She is cute and refined and very laid back and loveable.

Roxie - (formerly spelt Roxy, the vet accidently spelled it Roxie when I took her in, and I liked the way it looked better. So it stays. ) It took us over a week to name the kitten. My DBF didn't like ANY of the names I was coming up with. I new I wanted something cute and semi-human for her, like Polly's name. And something that goes with Polly.

Jordan likes to sing to the cats. Everyday, mainstreem songs. We were on the floor loving on the kitten who was sleeping in the toy box and he picks this tiny thing up and starts to sing to her for the first time. "Rooxanne! You don't have to put out the red light! Rooooxaane!" I jumped at that name, it was so cute. I said, lets name her Roxanne and call her Roxie for short. He liked it, so it stuck.
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All these are sooo funny lol. I esp. like the videogame names. Jade's name was the name I was going to choose for my 1st daughter and that name acutually did come from Mortal Kombat Deception. ( I used to beat the boys up with that girl all the time lol) And the kitty we were slotted to get instead of Isis was a tuxedo and I was going to name her Syndel. that fell through tho ): Great names. Hope to see more this evening when I get back from work!
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Loki was named after the Norse God of Mischief *LOL*
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I'm pretty sure I've never met another cat named Trout

It sounds weird, but boy does it suit her now..I love her name.
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mines isnt unique but i called her boots because she is the double of puss in boots in shrek 2
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Originally Posted by boots
mines isnt unique but i called her boots because she is the double of puss in boots in shrek 2
Cookie is really Cookie-puss.. b/c he looks like puss in boots too! I haven't heard of any other cookies, suzies (at least of the kitty kind) and Zakk's at least around here. There are definitely some other Rockys and/or roxy or rockets around here, though I never would have thought it at the time.
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Hubby reminded me, I forgot about Sugar. He started life as a she (the vet said he was a girl). He was born as white as driven snow, hence Sugar. Now he's an old fat white and gray striped cat who likes to be called Sugar-Booger. I would give a list of names, well, the ones I can remember at least, but it'd be long. We have a half-feral named Small Fry who's all black. She was really, really tiny when she was born...and I just watched Futurama before I saw her. LOL And we have an all gray kitten boy named Bender. Still waiting on an Amy and Leela. Yes, I'm a futurama fan. LOL
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Lol, someone just asked me about one of my cats, Cajun, and how I came up with the name. My ex and I were just saying any words we could think of out loud for names, and I think I read a hot sauce bottle or something and said Cajun, and it stuck! And in my 10 and 1/2 years vet experience and coming across tons of new names every day, I only just saw another cat named Cajun about 2 weeks ago, but it was spelled Kajun. Weird though, he was 11 years old, just like my Cajun!
Elessar is named after a character from Lord of the Rings. I was going to name him Legolas after my favorite () but it doesn't roll off the tongue like Elessar. Rain was named after a famous war dog they had on Animal Planet, and everyone else's names are pretty normal.
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