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Loud kitty

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Odo is my newest. He's been with me for a week and a half. The vet estimates that he's about 12 years old. He has become quite the talker, especially at night. About once every hour for several hours, he'll start talking very loudly. If I call out to him, he'll often quiet down shortly thereafter.

He had bloodwork done in May that showed normal T4 levels (1.7, I believe). He is being monitored for slight anemia and will be going back in at the end of the month. In terms of sight, he takes a long time to focus on objects, and the vet said he has diminished sight in his right eye.

Other than thyroid problems and poor eyesight, are there other medical reasons he might be calling out in the night (and day for that matter)? Sometimes, I think he's trying to find Willow so they can play, but that's just a guess. I do plan to have his thyroid rechecked at the end of the month, but are there other things I should be looking into? Could it be because of his eyesight? If so, would night lights help?
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I don't know about this, but Rascal has always been a talker. If he's asleep on the couch for example and I get up and go to bed, turning all the lights off, when he wakes up, he'll walk around talking to himself (quite loudly) until he finds myself and Corty. If this is caused by a health problem, I'd like to know......I think I'd miss it if I didn't have his meowing all the time though LOL.
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I'm not sure why your cat would be doing that but Zebra does the same thing. In the middle of the night, and a lot of the day she likes to makes noises and meow. I have never really thought anything of it.
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Since he's been with me such a short time, this may be how he normally is. If so, I will have to teach him that there need to be quiet times, or I will never get any sleep!
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You do get used to it. It may also be his way of sussing out his new home. Hope you guys sort out whats what. Good luck.
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