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kitten ok now , but mother still ope her mouth
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It sounds like things are going nicely for you. Hope the last little one is ok. They are such a lovely colour. I cant wait to see them when they are all dried off and fluffy.

How many do you think she is having ?

How long has she been in labour now ?

Take care and keep up the good work. Hugs to you both x x x
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3 hours last stage of labor
mother she's ok now happy with five kitten ,but bit Restless
2 blue , 3 tabbies

iam also i want take rest ,
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omg what stunning little kittys you got there well done
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Oh my goodness! Good job, Shakira! So was the one stillborn okay and not really a stillborn?

Poor Shakira... I'm so glad everyone looks so happy. Congratulations! You beat me!
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Congrats on a smooth delivery. On a side note, your sig is huge. Do you have a photo resizing program?
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congrats! give Shakira Belly rubs for me!
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Yeah, way to go Shakira!! Don't worry, she will be okay.
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she is so beautiful, what kind of cat is that?
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Shakira is so beautiful! and the kittens are outrageously georgeous as well. I will defintely be praying for you and your beautiful furry family. WTG SHAKIRA AND MOMMY!
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thanks every body >>>>
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I am so happy the babies are here
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