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Last Sunday, I put some medicine powder to my eight cats to kill flea. The second day, I found 5 of them began drooling. And I never met such thing before. On Tuesday, They still drool, and ate less, unwilling to drink water. So I give them dilute milk. On Wensday, I found one made worse, so I take it to vet. The vet was not certain what was the mater. She gave some injection to detoxifcation and a dropping. So it didn't drool and allay a fever. The other 4 cats became better, and ate a lot, but drunk little. I still give them milk now. But on Friday, I found the cat that I brought to vet drooled again. I'm afraid a lot if the disease is very serious. And what is the disease? Why they are unwilling to drink water in summer? How can I do in home?
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Did you give the vet the powder that you used on the cats? If possible, don't give your cats milk, if they are not drinking water, try dripping some fish juice into the water to get them to drink. It sounds like they licked themselves after the flea powder was put on and got some inside causing them to drool. Also to get them to drink water, float icecubes in the pan, or drop rose petals on top to get their interest up. Your vet will be the only one who can tell you what disease it might be if it is a disease.
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If it happened right after you put the flea powder on, my guess is that it was toxic. Most flea powders are filled with chemicals that cats are very sensitive to. I would not use this powder again, and I would wash the cat that is still drooling.
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Thank you all. I'll try to let my cats drinking. Is there some other reason they are unwilling to drink water but eat well?
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Are you sure they aren't drinking? If you feed the wet food, they don't drink water as much, they get it from the food. One thing you can try is to offer a source of running water, most cats really seem to prefer fresh and running water.
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