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Nipple sucking

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Hey guys. I have a friend that has a problem that I haven't got any experience with, and therefore any or ideas for...here's her dilemma:

My husband and I found a 2 month old kitten that had been
abandoned. We have taken him in and notice that when he gets
very relaxed he starts sucking on his bottom two nipples and
sometimes they get red. His fur is starting to turn into a light
brownish color in that area (his belly is white colored.) We realize
he was propably not weened properly and are unsure how to get
him to stop. We've been puting replacement formula in a bowl for
him several times a day but it's really annoying when he does this
on our lap or at night when we are sleeping. It's only been about a
day since feeding him the formula along with moist food. He is
very persistent.

Any thoughts or advice???
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Tell her to gp tp her local pet store and read a couple of those bottles of bitter stuff. (I don't know brands, I have never had to use any. But they are made so cats wont chew on stuff-you spray it on anything that you don't want chewed. It is supposed to taste nasty.)

Or better yet maybe someone on here knows of a good brand that you can safely use on a cat? But anyways after she finds some that is OK to apply to her kitties skin she can squirt some on her finger and rub it on his nipples. I woudl say within a week he will probably be over it.

I have never ran into this problem but is sounds liek he was weaned way too early, and was stressed out at one point, did this, it clamed him and now it's a habbit. IMO.
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