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How many play sessions for a 1 yr. old cat?

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we just got Ripley and he is playful but not bouncing off the walls. He is just past 1 yr. old. How many play sessions are a good idea. I tend to pick up the string when I am going by periodically throughout the day but I was reading that it is good to have them around the same time each day.

Right now he is whining because I put him in the laundry room. He has his food/water/litter box/toys and I even hid some treats around. But my kids are sleeping on the pullout couch bed and Ripley keeps jumping up there and attacking their feet under the covers. I guess kids move around more than adults and my oldest son can't go to sleep because the kitty is stalking his leg.

Anyway, any tips would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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first off, congrats on getting a new cat

I can't speak for your cat, but for my Marsh, i'd never lock him in a room alone, to me, it's cruel and unusual punishment! cats love attention and love to play. i work 9-6, but i still have at least two 20-30min play sessions with Marsh a day, and spend at least 2 more hours a day giving him straight attention - which means either sleeping with him, or just having him around me where i pay attention to him (btw, sleeping with you at night DOES NOT count as attention). trust me, you just make a better cat that way.

also, i've found that no matter how many toys you give a cat, they will not play alone, they really need a partner i like a laser pointer, any feather on a stick, especially if you take a pillow and wiggle the feather under it, a hunt like that a cat will love. also, GO CAT is an awesome toy - it's a feather ties to a small string on a rope you fly around like a bird.

so try some interactive toys and get your cat exercising... one play session like that, where cat is exhausted by the end will have the cat sleeping for 3-4 hours without disturbing anyone - instead of your cat trying to play with your kid's feet under the covers, he'll be sleeping with them
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We have only had him since Thurs and he has been allowed to roam at will. I am home most days so he gets quite a bit of attention between me and my two boys. My son tends to be an anxious sort of child and worrying about the cat attacking his feet was preventing him from going to sleep.

The laundry room is only for the night and not an all the time thing, just for tonight because of the different sleeping arrangements.

Anyway, I think I will shoot for 2 play sessions of 20-30 min. morning and evening. Whatever else will be gravy.
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sounds good to me, although don't mix attention like periodic petting or talking to a cat vs. a play session where he's engaged and chasing something and getting a good workout for at least 10min - that's important.

you won't believe how many problems go away instantly once you add regular excercise into animal's life. things like clawing, biting, scratching your favorite furniture, etc, etc - they just dissapear.

and again, consider adding a good toy to the mix - do you have a laser pointer?
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