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hello all...

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I am new to this forum. I have many ..many ..many cats.....seventeen at last count. Plus there is a hurt one in my basement as i write this. His previous owners moved away and he was living in the garage next door. This garage is not used...they have so much junk piled up in there that it reaches the rafters. It really should be condemned. But this kitty has been living there and i have been feeding him. I seen he had ear mites really bad so i went out to the vet and got the one dose stuff. I thought everything was okay and then he got an abcess on the ear that had the ear mites the worse. Of course the abcess opened up and it was a mess. I took him to the vet where they cleaned him all up and gave him an antibiotic shot. I had him neutered then too. I also put a dose of frontline on him and they gave him a rabie shot. He is now healing in my basement as i didn't have the heart to put him in that junk yard with an open wound. The thing is ..my hubby wants him out. He says seventeen is enough and i have to agree. Its hard keeping them all fed and the litter boxes under control. Plus i have some that are sprayers and i scrub continually. I have him posted on petfinder and on live deal but not one person has called or e-mailed me. I know right now if anyone saw him they would say no way. But he is still beautiful to me. He is getting better and eats like a little piggy..lol. I am hoping that someone will find it in their heart to take him.
I try my best to help whatever i can but it gets so hard. I am feeding at least thirty cats right now. Some are just neighbors that can't afford the food right now so i buy it for them. Its either i buy the food or they would have to get rid of their pets. I don't want to see that happen. If anyone can help i would surely appreciate it.
These people that have this garage filled with junk have four kitties themselves. Two of them are outside all the time. I took the male and got him nuetered. He is orange and white with short hair. He is such a character. The other is a long haired tabby. Her spay date is July 13. I will probably be the one taking her and paying for it. I would rather do that than see a bunch of kittens running around here. I told him about the date but i am betting he won't take her even though its paid for. I am trying to find better homes for these two also. They are talking about moving and we are going to try to buy the house. We will have to tear it down. There is no saving it. Its really bad. But i am betting anything that he will leave these two cats here. He doesn't care about them anyways. I feed them in that junk yard of a garage everyday. If i didn't feed them i don't know who would.
If anyone knows of anyone that would be interested in any of these kitties please let me know. I live in Ohio and would be willing to meet you part way. Thats how desperate i am in trying to get them a home.
thanks so much .....Penny
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I wish I could take him. But my fiance says no more cats. He says two is the limit! Have you tried maybe posting an ad in the paper? If you do make sure you include a proce for the kitten though. Not for profit, but to cover some vet costs and to keep him away from perverts who just like to get free kittens and do horrible things to them! Also maybe try finding an online site that lets you list pet ads for a low cost?

Good luck!
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Hi and Welcome to TCS!!!!!!!!!!

see you on the forums!
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to TCS! See you on the forums!!!
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Hello It's nice to meet you! Welcome to TCS!

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Welcome to TCS penn

I really applaud what you are doing for al those cats , it's hard to see an animal hurting, but sometimes it is best to just say no. Could you find a rescue, shelter, or a non-kill shelter that could help you ?
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