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hello to all

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hi ti all i am a new one here and also a new mom my kitty is 10 months old and very pregnant she is black and white and her name is kit-t-kat she was my 7 year old sons Christmas present so he named her her birthday is August 27 and my sons is December 27 kinda cool i think she is lovable very friendly and can be a spaz at time she also thinks she is a dog the person i got her from had her mom and dad and 2 dogs she wasn't well taking care of either nows she is my princess she lets me give her a bath clean her ears cut her nails and she loves to be brushed she is happy now she lives with a parakeet a dwarf hamster and 5 lizards (all small) so thats us a happy family soon to have ? additions
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Hi and Welcome to TCS!!!!!!!!!!

see you on the forums!
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Hello, kit-t-kat, and welcome to your and your baby (or should I say "babies"? ). It sounds like your kitty fell into the lap of luxury!

So when is the new mommy-to-be expecting the "blessed event"?

And--er--not to be indelicate, but any idea who the daddy-cat is?

Welcome to the CatSite!!!
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i have narrowed it down to april 21 so she is due soon and i belive dad is a calico that wont leave my deck
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to the cat site! See you on the forums!!!
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Hello It's nice to meet you! Welcome to TCS!

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