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I hate to tell you this, but I think she is probably an unsocialized bengal...... She shouldn't be biting you. Bengals aren't supposed to be like that at all. Perhaps that is why she was free, and why she is hanging with the strays.
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I think you're probably right. I'm also begining to think she's not even a bengal. She looks more like a Savannah. I don't think that bengals ears are supposed to be as big as hers and I was looking at pictures of Savannah's and she looks more like a Marbled Savannah then a Bengal.
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Savannahs get much bigger than bengals. Just because she has bigger ears doesn't really mean that. She looks like a bengal. Who was the breeder of her?

Hope you are able to get her back, Vader.
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I don't know. He didn't really give us much information. He has a registered cattery up in Manitoba I think. She just does not look like any bengal I have ever seen. But then again, no two cats look alike. She just came up to eat a few minutes ago then ran. She is staying in some crates outside my house.
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Majesty is begining to trust me a little. She'll come up to me, but she runs right when she sees hands. Is it possible she was hit and that is why she is so scared of hands??
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That could be. Leave an old sweatshirt out like Hissy suggests with your scent on it - that may help.
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I'm gonna try the sweatshirt thing. Thanks!
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It could be that she just doesn't trust you. What was she like when you got her?
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She was very friendly. She ran, but she would come up for treats or pets sometimes.
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I hope you get your cat back soon. There have been many great suggestions on how to accomplish this. I am closing this thread now and when you finally get Maj back you can go into the Lounge and announce you finally rescued her. Good luck. If you try even a few of the suggestions mentioned here, you will have success. At least you know where your cat is at, and many people are not that fortunate when their cats get out. Some of them never see their cat again.
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