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My Cat Got Out:(  

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And I don't know if she'll come back. We just got her. She is our bengal Majesty. She must've got out a window. I want to try and coax her to come back. She comes up onto the porch but runs whenever you go near her. I am going to put some food out for her, but I don't know if that will work, because the strays that I feed come and eat it, and she probably won't come if there are any other cats around. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!!! Thanks.
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Call your local shelters and see if they will loan you a humane trap. You may get a few strays first,(I once trapped a possum) but if you can't get your kitty in, it may be the best way. I hope she is ok. Maybe she just wants a little adventure and will come back before it comes to trapping her. Good luck.
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I am sorry she got out. Really the only way to get her back since she runs from you is with a cat trap. When you set it up, be sure to tell yourself that you will catch other critters besides her (probably) the other strays in the area, any raccoons or possums that might be about. If she is around when the first critter gets captured she may develop a sense of caution about the trap so you will have to be very clever to get her. I have done things like drip sardine oil on the mechanism they have to step on for the door to go down, and also have hung whole sardine up so they are hanging down into the cage tied to the bars with onion stalk (as I didn't want the cats to swallow thread or string) If I were close enough, I would come trap her for you, I have 10 traps and would just set them all up, and the next morning there would be an assortment of critters inside each trap and hoperfully Majesty would be there as well.

Try to get her at about 3:00 in the a.m if you go after her manually without aid of a trap. Around that time, it is very quiet in the neighborhood and she will not feel threatened and they really do come easier to you at that time of the morning. If she has a favorite pull toy take that with you and if she approaches play with her and see if you can draw her into the house. I hope you get her Vader, like I said, if I lived close, I'd be there in a heartbeat. Good luck!
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Vader, I know how much that Bengal means to you, so I'm sure you're very upset. However, you have had her for quite a few weeks, so I'm sure she considers your house her home. If she's coming on the porch I would do what krazy kat2 suggested. You might end up feeding some other cats, but if they are trapped once, they probably won't try again. Please keep us posted. We know she's very special to you.
I would call around the neighborhood, ask the children (they are outside so much), put an ad in the paper, the usual things we do. Was she wearing a collar? I know that Hissy suggests leaving something with your scent on it where she can smell it, perhaps something you have worked out in. Good luck.
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Vader - I am sending kitty capture prayers your way!
I am so very sorry that your kitty got out.
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Thanks, i'll try and rent a trap. We saw her again last night up on the porch. Hopefully trapping her will work...Thanks for everyones help

No, she was not wearing a colar. For some reason, she gets really scared when you put a collar or harness on her...
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Any news?
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Majy is still outside. She is living in the carport with what looks to be a pregnant stray. I wan't to try and get the stray inside before she has her babies. She comes up to us for food, but runs when you move you're hand out. Any suggestions??
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Vader, I'm glad you know where she is, and that she is staying around the house. Hissy has so much experience with strays and feral cats that I would follow the instructions she has left you in this thread. Also, you might want to get some advice on feral cats in that forum. She is extremely knowledgable!
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My Sydney is also an indoor cat ; but once in a while he cannot resist an open door , and off he runs !!!! He is scared like hell then and panics !! I found out now that the best thing to make him get back indoors , is : leave the door open
sneak up on him from an opposite site
and : in he goes !!!!!!
Try it , may be that's it !!!
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Wouldn't it be great it that works? Also, did you put the trap out for Majesty? What about the stray? Please let us know.
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That can work. Fred gets out occasionally, and I leave the back door of the shop open just a crack. He is so nosey, he can't resist coming in. Someone shuts the door behind him and he just sits down. He knows he's caught.
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Are there any traeas that she REALLY loves? My cats will come out from hiding places indoors if they smell their treats (not regular food though). What kind of window did she get out of? Did it have a screen? (I'm asking for myself, too - I have screened windows).
GOOD LUCK in helping her come home!
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I have no idea what window she got out, I think she left in the middle of the night. I have no way to rent a trap until wednesday because I don't have any way to get there. Majy loves weiners, I've already given her alot while she's been out. We've left the door open 3 times not, but no luck
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Vader, Any news for us? Hissy says that if you can stay up late, cats are more likely to come to you. She says 3 a.m. is perfect. Of course, the trap with a tasty treat would be a lot easier.
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I've stayed up till past 3 am. She comes up for food sometimes. She has not been here for 2 days. She's hanging out with a stray pregnant Ocicat that we always mistake for Majy. We will probably get a trap when we can. We'll keep you updated!
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We saw Majy again! Still with her stray friend. She hasn't come in yet, but atleast she's staying close to home!
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I hope you are able to get her back, Vader. I wouldn't trust people (cruel people, I mean) around a bengal because of their exotic looks. Have you tried putting a shirt with your scent on it? That might help!
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No I haven't. I'll have to try that. Thanks! She came back again for food last night.
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Vader, I am sorry to hear about your cat getting out! I hope you can catch him soon!!! keep us posted!
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Vader, I know how much Majesty means to you, and that cannot be translated into money. Nevertheless, anyone who recognizes a Bengal cat, knowing that they sell for approximately $800, can trap and sell her. I know how upset you would be. Your love for her makes renting a trap worthwhile; otherwise you would always worry that you hadn't done enough. Also, you were concerned about rescuing the stray. It would be well worth it to you, I know. Please keep us informed; as you can tell by the number of replies, we care!
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The only problem with renting a trap is I have no way to get to the Humane Society to get one because I don't have a drivers license. I am going to have to wait until I can get a ride to the Humane Society. I can't take a bus either cause i am not exactly sure where The Humane Sociey is. I'll keep you posted!
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Can the humane society come out for you and drop the trap off? Or maybe have a friend drive you?
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Maybe...the closest Humane Society is in another city. It's in New West Minister and I am in Surrey. I'll have to check the Humane Society Website to see if they'll bring the trap here. Maybe someone can drive me to get the trap. I'll let you know what happens
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Have you tried calling the humane society for some more information? Someone there might be able to tell you if you can get there by public transportation.

Or, even if they do not usually drop off traps, they might be able to find someone to drop one off to you once they hear your situation.
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Can't your parents take you?
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My parents cannot drive me. My dad has to work in the morning and doesn't get home until atleast 5:30 PM and he takes the car. I don't think we'll need to rent a trap. Majesty is begining to trust us more. She now let's you hand feed her. I think she is going to come in on her own. I don't know if it's a good idea to rent a trap anyway. She is terrified of small places, and she has bit me before. Not hard though.

When my cat Peppurr was under the house we trapped him in our cat carrier once we caught him. He was so scared when we let him out he bit my sister right in the hand, to her bone. I don't want Majesty to bite anyone.
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I'd be tempted to put on gloves and just grab her when she comes up to you for food. She's your pet and she was tame, wasn't she? I don't know why she would bite you. But, I guess you have to do what you think is right. I hope you get her back.
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I am tempted to grab her when she comes! But, I don't want to scare her. She never really interacted with humans much in her old home. She was always out side. I'm not worried about her going on the road. She used to live by lots of traffic and never went on the road.

I think in time she'll trust us enough to let us handle her and we can bring her in. She's spayed, so i'm not worried about her getting pregnant. There's now 4 strays living in our yard! A black and white one, a grey and white one, a long haired calico and an ocicat. She's living with all of them.
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