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Litter liner: Good idea/bad idea

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Do you guys recommend using litter liners? The reason I ask is I haven't ever used them before but Trout has this gross habit of peeing right in the corner so she always really pees up the box in no time...

Would having a liner freak her out when she is digging and finds it under there? Or is it a good idea?

She literally pees all over the corners right up to the top of the box...I need something so I don't have a reeking litter box after 4 days!
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I've used them in the past, but I really find them to be nothing but a waste of money.
Our huge box gets washed and disinfected weekly, and I spray down the insides with pam cooking spray and let it dry.
Probably won't help much with smell, but it does make cleaning it a heck of a lot easier.
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I like them, they keep the litter pan cleaner and it's easier to change the litter with a liner. My cats like to scratch their paws on the liner after they're done to clean their claws of litter debris.
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I've never used them with my resident or any of my fosters. I just give them big litterboxes with about 6 inches of litter in them. It is very rare that something reaches the bottom.
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I only use liners on the covered boxes, where the top holds them in place. On our other boxes they just come off and get shredded.
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I have never personally used them because I have some clients who do and they're very bothersome. They're always ripping and the cats are clawing them. I don't recommend them.
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I thought about litter liners for Jade and Isis but have decided against them. My reason being is it's basically like lining your kitty box with a trash bag, and we all know that claws can rip through plastic like a knife through hot butter.
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Zissou would probably try to play with it and end up in a pile of pee-y litter in the middle of the bathroom floor. But if your cat isn't as big of an adorable freak as mine, I don't see why not just try them and find out. They don't cost much. And maybe Trout will love them. Maybe he'll hate them. But there's nothing, like, dangerous about them or anything.
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waste of your money. just make sure you change the litter often, and you'll be ok. i use a silica crystal litter, and i will never us a liner. in my previous experience, cats will shred through the liner, especially someone like my Marsh, who loves to dig for 5min after going. as soon as you get a tear, pee will sip to the bottom and you'll have a stinky mess.
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We used to use liners, but gave them up a couple of years ago. I find that the box is easier to scoop as well as empty to clean and change the litter. Now, I just clean the box thoroughly at litter changing time. Sierra would always shred them to pieces anyway, and now, there's no telling what Serenity would do with it with her odd litter box fascination
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Thanks for all the input you guys...

Trout digs all the litter out of the corner, and then pees needless to say the corners of her litterbox looks like the corners of a hamster cage..ALL FULL OF PEE. And it smells way sooner than a regular cats litterbox would

So, since I don't have so much disposable income to be spending $50 a month on litter..I'm not sure what else to do? geez, why is my cat so gross?
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Try a deeper litter pan or one with a cover first.

I don't recommend the liners if you have cats that dig a lot in the litter and have claws. I tried them, but they ripped holes in them so it was a waste of money for me.
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I tried them too. I thought it would be easier when changing out the liter. Wrong!! My lil girl Katie, kept clawing till she had them all in shreds. So I just took it out completely. Waste of time and money!!
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Gee, my experience is so different. I use a liner that has an elastic band so it hugs the litter box and doesn't move or fall out of place. I LOVE it!

I have 5 cats so I change a lot of litter and the liner makes it very easy. Occasionally one of the cats will poke a tiny hole in it but it really isn't a big deal, and I always put some newspaper between the liner and the box.

It has cut down on my litter cleaning time drastically.
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I don't use them. When I tried them once my cats just tore them. Now that I use clumping litter which is only changed completely about once a month I don't think they'd be much use anyway. When I scoop I need to be able to scrape anything off the bottom of the tray if they've gone down that deep. I don't fancy scraping a liner!
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in theory a great idea - realistically not such a great idea - Loki is a digger and shreds them to pieces!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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I'm thinking some kind of fine screen might be in order, that pee would go through but litter wouldn't, on a wire frame and a platform that could be lifted out and you could clean the pee out of the bottom of the box without having to ditch all your litter... I know there's someone here who has something like this under their litter for some reason... *can't remember*.

Although Zissou does this too and I just started putting more litter in there and she doesn't do it anymore.
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I tried them a while back. Could be okay depending on your kitty I think. Marlee likes to dig and scratch alot before/after using the bathroom, so she would put so many holes and tears in the liner that it actually made it harder for me to clean the box without making too huge a mess. But like has already been said, if you think it might help, there is no harm in trying!
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I have never used litter liners, as I find it easier to clean the trays often! Besides, I know for a fact that Tibby would probably end up dragging it from under the litter anyway!
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Same here, I tried them once and they just got shredded, as my cat likes to dig to China. She also likes to make use of the corners; I just try to throw extra litter over there if I see a puddle and dig out as much as possible when scooping each day.
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i use the liners that have the sifting holes in them. i have no problem with them and it makes it easier for cheyenne to clean the box also i dont have a problem with shredding the liners cause my babies dont have claws i like the liners alot and they only cost a couple of bucks. theres 10 in a package we clean the box everyday so they last for about a little over a week.
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If you use the screen you'd have to get a coated or plastic fine screen - otherwise the moisture would rust the metal screen. Maybe nylon screening would work (like you have on the windows).
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I had a liner for Stanley when I first got him, as my ex's father always had one for their cat.

Well, it was scratched to pieces in the first couple of days. Now both of my cats are diggers so for me the liners wouldn't work. I definitely like the idea of them if they work though, nothing like sitting there scraping the bottom of the box!
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