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New Kitten Limping. HELP!!

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Our new kitten, Roxy,started limping this morning. For no apparent reason. She was fine, then 5 min later she was favoring her right front leg/paw.

I called all the vets in the area, no one is open until tomorrow. So I made her a warm bed and we went to run some errands.

We came back about an hour ago, and she is no longer favoring her front paw at all. She is NOW favoring her back left leg!!?!?!??!

Has this happend to anyone else? She is so young, 5 weeks max. She is a VERY active kitten. I wondered if Polly had been to rough with her, but now that she is not favoring her right front anymore, instead she is favoring her back left, I don't know what to do!

I will take her to the vet tomorrow, but I was wondering if anyone has any ideas I could run by the vet as well.

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Maybe she just got a cramp?

I don't know...but one of my friends cats seemed like she was actually faking a limp because when they brought her to the vet she didn't limp anymore and there was nothing wrong with her..then she did the same thing again a few weeks later..We figured maybe they get cramps sometimes..Like we get.
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well, that might be true.

She has been playing really hard with Polly. AND she is on good kitten food and has been growing since she got here. Maybe she is just worn out?
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Penelope came down with a limp when she was a kitten. I think she was just playing really hard and bruised one of her paws or something like that. We went to the vet the next day, she took x-rays, and everything was fine.

I wouldn't worry about it too much but do take her to the vet tomorrow to make sure it's not something serious.
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- i posted this on one of your other threads, but i wanted to make sure you got it,so i'm reposting it here.

Have her evaluated by a vet dear. It is very common for kittens to have seizures when they are young (it goes away, and is normally not a big deal) but she does need to be evaluated for neurological issues...The vet will observe the way she walks, how she holds her head, and if she tilts or leans when walking. It shouldn't be too expensive . Those signs you described are classic symptoms...they happen suddenly and can be quite frightening if you aren't accustomed to treating young kittens. It sounds like a small seizure, nothing serious (they are different and usually less harmfull in kittens than they sound.) She is a gorgeous diluted calico. I'm glad little roxy found a good home with you.
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Thanks for the advice! We are going to the vet this morning. I plan on being there WAITING when everybody shows up for work! lol (I am serious)

She seems to be doing a bit better today. She was waiting for me outside her little warm bed when I got up a few minutes after Jordan. I got up through the night to give her a dropperful of water every hour and a half or so, just to make sure she is getting water.

She is such a sweet kitty. I hope everything goes ok. I am also worried about the rubber nipple she swalloed last night!!!

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Well, we just got back from the vet and he has put her on Antibiotics to stave off any secondary infections.

He said it is hard to tell the three viruses apart. And they all just need to run their course. Since Polly has been vaccinated against everything, he is not worried about her.

It took a stool sample in and everything came back negative, which he was surprised about.

So, we are doing antibiotics and I am giving her water through a dropper every once in a while. She IS drinking on her own, but just to make sure she is getting ENOUGH, I am suplementing.

We have an appointment again in 2 weeks for check up and immunizations. Hope all goes well. she is so tiny. But the vet said she looked good for having a virus.
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