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My Cats...

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Hello Everybody,
These are my Cats Corona(a.k.a. Stinky) and Smoky. They are both females and were from the same litter. They were the only 2 kittens in that litter.
The story of how they came to live me is long but here it goes.
When I was a Junior in college my fraternity brothers were renting a house. During the first few days of school a frat brother broke the basement window. Being a lazy college student we never bothered fixing the window. Also with being lazy college students plates of leftover food didn't always get cleaned up in a timely manner. Also, being lazy college students we never closed the basement door after somebody went down there to smoke. So come winter our leftover food is starting to disappear. We really never throught or even commented about it. However, after a week or so my frat brothers noticed a cat bolt out of the door when they went to class. Well long story short the cat would come into the window at night, come up stairs and eat our left over food. Then she would leave in the morning and stay ourside all day.
She was very malnourished, you could easily feel her ribs when petting her. Well one weekend we actually cleaned up our house for several days straight. It was at this point the cat started to cry on night. One of the frat brothers girlfriend came out and gave her somebodies Tuna. After the cat ate she let the girlfriend bring the cat back into the bedroom and spent the night with them.
After that the cat became our pet and lived with us. She got pregnant over summer and come early September she had the litter of these 2.
When we all leaving at the end of Senior year we were going to divide up the 3 cats and call it a day. However, she had another litter and nobody wanted Corona and Smoky anymore. Since, I had the money but never stepped up to take care of Momma cat by getting her fixed I took responsiblity for the Cats that nobody else would take. So that takes us to today...

I had them fixed after I took full ownership of the cats. Also, I know many of you will get mad about this but they have had their front claws removed while I was getting them fixed. My belief is that since they are indoor cats they have no need for the front claws. Plus I knew they wouldn't attack my dog and cause him to kill them. Now they play/fight my dog and each other and they never hurt each.

They are older now, they will be turning 4 come September.
Here is my frat brother Adam with them as kitties. Stinky is on the left.
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Welcome to TCS! Your kittens are adorable.
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Hi and Welcome to TCS!!!!!!!!!!

see you on the forums!
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to TCS! See you on the forums!!!
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Hello It's nice to meet you! Welcome to TCS!

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Welcome to TCS
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What cute little kitties
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