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We just moved and my cat is crying at night

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I have just moved into a new Condo and one of my cats, Corona, is having issues. We have moved before and normally I have issues with them taking a day to 3 to start eating normally again and really treating the new place like the old place.
However, we are at a week now and it appears they are still not eating normally. They eat very little, just a few bites in the morning and again at night. The real kicker though is Corona spends all night crying. This is completely new behavior. Normally my cats explore the house and play until around 2AM then they cat-nap in the room I am sleeping in, but on clothes I leave on the floor or in a cat bed. However, Corona just sits at the end of the bed and cries. I just can't deal with her crying for another week. Please offer up some ideas.

I am currently considering moving their food to a new more open location, instead of a corner, but I don't think that will solve the crying.
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Did the previous condo owners have cats? There could be animal smells in the place that are lingering and making your cats feel unsafe in their new environment. Were you previously on a 2nd story so they looked down on the world through the windows and are now on a first floor and they are looking level or up at their new world - or vice versa? Is this new place louder or have more outdoor traffic - or planes flying overhead or some other type of distraction. Is there a dog next door that they can hear? Cats don't like change and sometimes it will take them longer than others to adjust. I would definitely try and spend a lot of cuddly, quality time with them right now to help reassure them. Try to set up their cat furniture in places where they will feel safe, or give them locations where they feel they can hide and get away from the noises; there could even be 'negative' feelings left over from previous tenants that is lingering in the apartment! (Don't laugh - cats are sensitive to a lot of things we don't see).

Definitely invest in a feliway air diffuser or two - they release positve pheramones into the air and act to reassure your cats that theyare safe and well. They work - I use them and highly recommend them in spite of their price.
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