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UTI Prevention

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My little kitty (well, she's 3 y/o now) has been having UTI issues. The first time we noticed something wrong was last October and medications took care of the issue. Xrays were done as well and no stones. It was the blood in the urine that wouldn't go away for almost a month. Anyhow, she just developed UTI again. We caught this one right away because we finally got the hang of the symptoms (peeing outside the litterbox and we even saw a little bit of blood in the urine). We are treating her with medications again so hopefully this will clear up in the next 2 weeks. But my question is whether there is a special diet or anything that can prevent future UTIs? The vet gave me some suggestions but I'd like to hear what others have to say as well.

Thanks for your help!
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Definitely there are prescription diets for this. Talk to your vet and I'm sure he/she will recommend one for your kitty.Also I've read on here that some people even give cranberry supplements in the cats food to help prevent UTI's....

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