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Our daily thread - Wednesday March 28

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Hi everyone!

I hope everyone's in a good mood today. Our little corner of the globe is in the news again with numerous terror attacks these past few days and a counter attack on the Palestinian forces tonight. I hope things will settle down soon - this is not a pretty situation.

Meghan - have you decided on a name? I liked Stoli! I know of a cat names Gorbazhov (sp?), but I don't know why he was called that way (a sphynx with a spot on his head? )

By the way, Max's mom has joined us today and posted in the SOS forums. I know that not everyone pops over there on a daily basis, so I thought I'd let you know here, in case you want to say hi.

Have a great day everyone!!!
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Good afternoon/evening all!! Today was a very busy clinic day. I seem to get frustrated most on these days. The things I see just kill me! I had someone come in today because she was worried about her dog (who is 8 and hasnt been vaccinated in 4 years) because her chest seemed to be getting larger. Turned out she is PREGNANT!!! What part of spay/neuter dont people understand???? I have people coming in and asking about breeding their pet store bought puppys and I want to slap them!! Sorry, I guess I just needed to vent. Other than my day at work, I am looking forward to a nice quiet evening!
Anne, I hope you guys are okay there. I sure wish things were better in your country.
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Evening all!

First, MeowMan sent me an email to say hi to everyone. His modem is down at home and he can't post from work anymore.

I spent 3 hours with the home inspector on the house. It checks out well, so I think this is about to be a done deal. It was neat to poke around the house for 3 hours, as I got a good mental picture of where to put things, etc.

Meghan, I think Koshka is my new favorite! Hope the guys are adjusting well.

Anne, I pray for your safety and a speedy resolution to things. Many times those of us here in the States don't have a grasp on what goes on in other parts of the world.

Hope everyone had a good day, and Sandie, hope tomorrow's a better one.
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