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Are you sure interior design is really what you want to do? If so, I don't think you're going to get out of having to go to a non-online-only school at some point.

My recomendation for you (well, humble opinion at least...) is that you look at a college you may actually end up at a few years down the road and find out some of the prereqs and core classes unrelated to your field that you will have to take as a student there, and take those wherever you can. Most states have systems set up online where you can check the transferability of classes.

Almost anywhere you take a BA will make you get nearly a year of major-unrelated courses. And you can get those out of the way about anywhere while you're in limbo, since most associates degrees don't make you take anything of the sort.

School takes time and patience, and you'll have plenty of both.

Sorry about the bad parts of your job!