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My Boys Got Another One

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So I often joke that my two boys have converted a lot of cat haters into cat lovers. Scratch, my new kitty, is so sweet and nice that most people just want to hold him. Bit, the alpha male, is very social and will walk up to anyone. Well my husband and I had some friends over last night, and we got another one. I looked over and Bit was curled up in my friend's lap and Scratch was sitting on the back of the couch right by his head. My friend looked like he was in heven. Another cat hater bites the dust.
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lol! i luv how cats do that!!! they can sense people that don't like them, I've heard
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That is awesome! I love when cats do that! They know just how to get into the person that doesn't like them and make them smile.

yay for your boys!
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My dad HATES cats, like, outright hates them, has called them "glorified sewer rats" the whole deal.
Anyway, he came to visit me and my sister, so there were three cats total in the house.

I caught him actually talking to Zissou in a baby voice, like "Awww, what are you doing? Are you guarding the door? Are you?" He didn't know I heard him. But I think... Cats emerge victorious once again!
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Bruce isn't all that crazy about cats but, Rowdy is crazy about HIM. The only way to keep her off of his lap is for ME to beat her to it She will then get onto the back of the couch and lick Bruce's head (he is bald). When Bruce stays over, I have to shut Rowdy out of the bedroom or, we won't get any sleep

Buddy has now decided that Bruce is OK, too and will snuggle against him, demanding ear scratches.

Bruce knew that I have cats, just as I knew that he has kids. At least, my cats don't talk back (much) and aren't constantly demanding money.
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AWW!! Goodie for your kitty!!
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My hubby was a cat-hater too. But with LuckyGirl it was love at 1st sight. And he still rubs faces with her a few times a day and says in baby talk "who loves you? daddy does! Do you love Daddy? You do love Daddy, don't you?" And I often wonder if she understands him... cause it looks like she does...
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That's awesome. I don't know a single person who can resisit the mind powers of a cat. They demand love and obedience

My Dh thought cats are o.k. but prefered cats and now within the last five years my cats and my cat lover ways have converted him. He actually rescued a cat while I was in New MExico and those two are inseperable. Their personalities are such a match and Mittens meets him at the door when he comes home from work. I might need to get jealous. I miss Yen. LOL
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lol, my dad doesn't like animals but when I visit my family my cats come, too. He's commented on Tinkerbell a few times (she can open doors because of the handles they have) and other things...it makes me laugh. When we were at home for Christmas, my fiancé and I were helping my dad with his computer and Minnie fell asleep on my lap...sprawled out, snoring, the whole deal. And my dad laughed at it -- you may not find that amazing but you don't know my dad. Before he'd get annoyed because of the cats being around...now he doesn't care at all.
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