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Help Clipping Nails

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I adopted my cat in February '06 when he was about 2 months old. I was able to cut his nails twice since then, but I NEED to cut them now (they are RAZOR sharp), but he won't stay still!

The last two times I did it, he was nearly asleep, but now even though it seems like he's falling asleep, he will INSTANTLY wake up and run away as soon as I touch his paw. I figure he usually sleeps during the day while I am at work, but I watched him ALL DAY yesterday and he did not fall asleep at all (other than his 2 minute cat naps). Any tips?

I found Pet-Ease at PetSmart, which is supposed to calm him down, but that doesn't really seem to work. I've read that it might help to wrap him in a towel, but I have no idea how... I tried a couple times and he always gets out... I know how to cut the nails if I could get to them, I just need to know how to get my cat to stay still for 2 minutes!!
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I'm not as concerned about this because I can just vacuum somewhat frequently, but he doesn't like to be combed either... The packaging on the cat brush I got said he would love it!! False advertising...
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For the wrapping in a towel: Maybe it will help you visualize it if I tell you I call it "Kitty Burrito." This is how it goes down at Chez Krissie:

1. Cover lil' stinker with blanket.
2. Pick up, quickly wrap ends around body (fold one in and around, then the other) so legs are not free to wiggle. You've got to get all four feet covered and unable to move much--if one gets free, cat is gone. Head can stick out for breathing/complaining.
3. Put burrito on lap, extract one leg while keeping other tucked with blanket, and snip claws. Ignore fussing and wiggling. Talk to and praise burrito throughout as if nothing unusual is going on. Tuck paw one back in and wrap, extract next paw and repeat.
4. Unloose burrito filling, dispense treats, ignore sulky looks.
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And, no, not every cat likes brushing, but you'll probably want to get him to at least tolerate a few swipes occasionally, as it gets a little annoying to pull up a fistful of fur every time you pet the cat.
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Krissie couldn't have put it any better. Amen !!
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My response might kinda suck, but I think the best way is to "tough it out!" I've been clipping my kittens claws for about 4 months now and it gets easier and easier everytime. I place them up high on the counter so that they don't easily run away and I douse them in kitty treats. The first few times were like battling a wolverine, but it's progressively gotten better and better. I was also told that you should never give up clipping their nails or let them get away because then they learn that they can avoid it if they want to.

As far as positioning technique goes... I place them up high and come around the back. They have a tendency to back up away from something they don't like, so I keep them nestling against my stomach area. I also try to pick both paws up at the same time so that there's less of a struggle. Sucks, I know, but just keep at it. I still get a little bit of a fuss, but it's just that...a little bit. Good luck!
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Another good way to trim claws is to sit with kitty sitting in your lap and take a nail file.

1 No worries about cuttng the vein
2 They like it cand of course while your filing their mouth will be going and maybe you can file teeth and nails all in one shot

But in all goo I never use clippers on my cats nails The filer works for me its fast its easy and plus you get cuddle time with you little fluffy ball.

As for brushing try a new brush cats can be picky I actuallly have to use one of my old hair brushes on two of my babies if i try anyother they hiss and run away
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