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Meet Sunny - Cuteness Alert!!!

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This little darling boy is Sunny! My mums new kitten!

Since we lost our Candy a few months ago (she was 19) mum has been hunting for another cat and she really wanted a ginger, long haired girl but she found this little boy in a rescue place and she fell in love with him.... don't blame her really - isn't he adorable? He is coming home in a few weeks time when he will be 10 weeks old Mum has been to visit him 3 times now - she is so excited!

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He is too cute! Good thing ya put the cuteness alert on here. I bet your mom just cant wait to bring that baby home.
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Awh...........knew he was gonna be cute.............but WOW he's one you could just smudge up to your face and cuddle for ever !! he's so sweet. Bet you cant wait for his arrival.
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Awww!, she is so cute!
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TOO CUTE! I wanna hug him and squeeze him... and...
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Okay, the cuteness alert was completely necessary, here! What a darling little fluffball!
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Omg he is gorgeous!
So fluffy!!
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OMG! He is just precious!
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So cute, and you got his name nailed.
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How adorable! I love fluffy kitties!
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So fluffy! And ADORABLE!!!!!
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Wow, what a handsome boy! I can definitely see how she feel in love with him. It's awsome that she's adopting a rescue kitty too!!! I was excited to hear that. Good luck when ya'll get your new furbaby!
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Gilly he is one gorgeous little fluff ball

I'm so pleased your mum got another especially after her loss
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awwwww tht is one gorgeous baby boy congrats on ya new kitty
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What a doll....that cuteness warning was correct!
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