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I Love Happy Endings

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At the moment, there is a lot going on in my life, most of it isn't horribly pleasant ... so yesterday afternoon, when I found THIS:

in my garden, I was terribly worried.

But, once the sun went down, Momma showed back up and took care of this little one. I was very happy to see her because I don't know the first thing about taking care of a little one like this!
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Oh how precious is that! It's great Momma came back for the kiddo though!!
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What a beautiful little baby. I love the spots on it's back. I'm so glad Mama came back.
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Isn't he gorgeous? I so wanted to touch him but of course knew that was out of the question until it was determined whether or not the doe would come back for him. So beautiful!
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Aww-how precious!! That is so good mama came back for her baby.
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What a beautiful little baby, so glad to hear that momma came back to get her little one
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Oh my goodness, what a precious little thing!

Thats great that the doe came back for him!
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Aw, it looks like Bambi..what a cutie pie.
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How precious ...

Just FYI if anyone finds a baby doe in need of intervention get baby goat formula at the feed store///
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I'm so glad you did the right thing! I've heard that most wild animals in rescue don't need to be there. People find them, and assume they're abandoned or orphaned. Often mom is out foraging, and will return.
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Oh! How cute!!!!
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That's a really great pic. Looks like it belongs in a mag.

I'm glad mama came back for the little one and all is well.
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What a beautiful baby! I wonder if the doe will hide the fawn at your place again?
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Oh that's lovely! I'm glad it wasn't an orphan too.
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We had one left in our goat yard,we left it alone,but mommy did not come back for it .It was dead the next morning.
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Wow, how incredibly precious, Gaye!
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That's so sweet. I'm glad it's Mommy came back.
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he is beautiful!
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What a beautiful little fawn
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How pretty! So great that the momma came back. What a special surprise to have seen!
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How precious! I'm glad his Momma came back for him!

Sherral, how sad that the fawn you found died!
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What a little sweetheart, Gaye! I'm glad Mom came back.
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What a great picture. Deer, moose, rabbits and other herbivores will often leave their young somewhere safe and camouflaged while they go off (not too far usually) to forage. If the mom were to stay around it would be a sure sign for predators. Seems weird, but it's much safer for the babies. We had a moose calf turned into us a few years ago that some kind citizens thought was orphaned. We took it back to the spot where they found it and there was mom frantically looking for it. What a nice reunion that was.
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I am sure this little baby warmed your heart when you found it. Animals sure know what they are doing.
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What a beautiful baby!
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Gaye he is just gorgeous I bet you were so concerned for the poor little thing! I'm so glad his Mum came back
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Bless, he's adorable! I'm pleased that his Mum came back for him though!
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What a precious little one! I'm so glad his mama came back!
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You are lucky that the mother came back fo it!! We have many deer by me-thankfully none in the yard as a creek is only 300 yds away.
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We had one here at work last year, and luckily the mom showed up for it.....it worries me so much!!!! Your baby is adorable. Thank God for happy endings! Glad yours had one Gay!

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