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Cat losing fur on belly!

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I hope some of you guys can help...

3 weeks ago, my boyfriend went away on business in the States, leaving me here with the 2 cats. He is back tomorrow, but its the first time he's gone away for such a long stretch of time....

I noticed today my eldest cat, Jess, has bald patches on her tummy and the inside of her back legs! I was so shocked! I vacuumed earlier and there was a load of her fur in the Dyson and she seems to have been grooming a lot recently...

I heard of something called pyschogenic alopecia, could she be missing my boyfriend so much that her fur is falling out???

She and Alfie has also been suffering a lot with fleas this past week, I get rid of them and they seem to come back.... I was using a brand of flea drops called Bob Martin, I've since heard they're not good, so I have ordered some Frontline from an online pharmacy and should get that soon so hopefully the flea issue should be over.

Just to add, Alfie, my youngest, doesnt have this lack of fur, he is generally seen as a bit of a toughie though, whereas Jess has always been the more emotional cat.

Is there anything I can do to grow her fur back?
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You have a Dyson? I would love one of those!

Anyway, I really recommend a vet visit. I will post my recommendation for ending the flea problem if you want, but I think these guys need more than Frontline and flea drops.

There are various medical reasons cats lose their fur and a vet would be suited to assess the situation.

Let us know what you find out.

Good luck!
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