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tootsie rolls left for me- first time

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I had an electrician here on friday who definitely was NOT a cat person. Even though i mentioned my cat and not letting her outside, he left every door open, left his drywall knife edge up on the rug and even let her into the basement so when i found her she had spider webs in her whiskers.
I had her confined but he let her out (and didn't tell me). She got totally freaked out by this stranger with power tools that she left tootsie rolls on the bed sometime between being let out by him and my finding a safer more quiet place for her.. I think she was too freaked out to leave the bedroom once she discovered him in the master bathroom with drills and drywall saws and picked the most comfy safe place she knew.

As i cleaned up the poop and spray cleaned the comfortor, she kept trying to bury the now empty spot on the comforter. Glad she didn't urinate. Saturday everything was back to normal. He comes back Monday to finish and now I know to put her somewhere that he has no business entering whatsoever. The guy did nice electrical work but i think the cat thing was passive aggressive.
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I agree- put her in a room he can't possibly need to go into and lock the door!
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Oh, it makes me so mad when the various repair/service people are like that. I've had a few that are passive-agressive, too. Whatever happened to respect?
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We were having new windows put in back home and I put the cats in the upstairs bathroom (they could still use the downstairs one) and put a sign on the door saying not to open it cause the cats were in there and they'd escape out the various holes in the walls where windows were being taken out / put in, etc. I shut the door and it somehow locked from the inside and we had to use a crowbar to get them out. They were fine. But it was embarassing because the window installers were HOTTT!

I'm sorry about your experience. All the ones I've ever run into have liked or pretended to like pets. It seems like you'd have to in a line of work requiring you to be in other people's houses all the time.

If he lets your cat out again I'd complain to him first (maybe he really has no idea about pets at all) and then his super if you didn't get a satisfactory answer.
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i think it wont happen again, I am going to hide her in a wing of the house that is having NO electrical work at all and I am sitting watch outside the door. She's back to regular habits now, I can see why a a stranger in her bathroom threw her for a loop. I might hold it until it got desperate too

I am just glad she did not pee on the bed. I just bought all this new waverly bedding for the master bedroom. warnt cheap either, that stuff.
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The one time someone was in my house doing something without us here, my cats apparently were banshees! This was in our old apt. The upstairs neighbor's AC leaked on our ceiling, right next to where the cat tree is. The guy came to paint the ceiling, and apparently Rocky kept dive bombing his head, and knocking stuff off the tables. The guy was panicked that we would think it was him.
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Whenever I have somebody different in my place, my cats are very curious and they get in the way! When my uncle was over working on my washing machine, he tripped over Simon like 5 times! silly kitty, he just wanted to help
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