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Daily Thread Sunday June 18

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Good morning everyone and Happy Father's Day to the daddy's of the board!

What does everyone have planned for today?

The sun is shining here this morning, but looking out the window it's very smoggy from the humidity

I plan on doing some more reading this morning and then doing some grocerry shopping. My dad is coming over today and we are going to spend the day together!

Have a great Sunday!
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Back to the SOund of Music festival hopefully I will be able to stay at it longer than yesterday, but its supposed to be another hot one AND rain later!
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Hi everyone,

Its a bit drizzly today but not really cold. Got home late last night as it was our chapters HOG rally this weekend. Had a great time, excellent fun.

Had 2 more tattos done whilst there, my (early) birthday present from hubby I have had less painful presents but none that will last as long

Saw lots of lovely Harleys, and met lots of lovely people

I have Japan -v- Croatia on the telly and unfortunately have a kitchen and bathroon to clean

Ah well cant have fun all the time
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I have some laundry to do and I'm taking Bruce out to lunch, for Fathers' Day.
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I slept in till 11am today, which is really unusual for me. Strange thing is, I was still really sleepy by then and had to force myself to get up.

I've been so tired lately, I don't know what's going on with me.

Today I'm planning on finishing setting my fish tank. I was at my parents yesterday and got some rocks, I'll go to the store and get some flower pots or something and try to make caves in my tank.

I also need to (finally) finish cleaning my apartment.

I don't know how much I can really do today... it's supposed to get to 31C (39C with humidex factor)
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Its 11AM and its already 80*, so its going to be a hot one today - high of 95* again!

Last night John & I headed down to the town celebrations again, went to the beer tent with our friends and had a jolly old time.

Today is the parade, so we (All 25 of us!) are all heading to his Grandma's to watch from her yard - it should be a good time, we'll probly go on a Harley ride afterwards adn then watch the Fireworks from downtown tonight. Should be a great day.

Today is Harley's birthday - so far he's been sleeping in his usually spot by the window, and he's been fed his favorite breakfast and got a little bit of milk and some treats, he's satisfied and sleeping now

I've been giving him lots of love this morning since we'll be gone all day He'll get a special dinner tonight tho!

Hope everyone has a spectacular day, I'm headed out for the day!
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Today is a nasty day here, but luckily the first part of the day is going to be spent inside cleaning and studying for midterms anyway!

At 6pm though I'm having my Mary Kay Business Debut! I just became a Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant and so tonight is the first night I'm really doing anything with it. Unfortunately when I planned it I didn't realize it was Father's Day, and by the time I did it was too late!

Well anyway, I hope everyone has a fantastic day!
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Good Sunday to all! Not alot going on today-trying to "recoup" after a night out last night. DH and I went to dinner and then went and had a few drinks with some friends and let say I drank more than I should have Anyways, hope everyone has a great day!!
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Happy Father's Day kitty Daddies!!! Just on my way to my parents' for dinner.
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