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i want to see pictures of your lapcats..sitting in your lap, whether it be at the computer, on the couch, on the floor...

this is Wonton sitting in my lap while i surf the net. i put a cushion on my lap cos he slides off otherwise. He always lets me know he wants to hop up by gently tapping my leg with his paw. However, if i''m too busy and don't let him up within what he thinks is a reasonable amount of time, he'll just hop up on my desk and walk over my keyboard to get to my lap.

show me a picture of your lapcat

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Here's my baby Portia

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awwwww...she's adorable there
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This isn't a very good picture, but Godiva used to like to sit on my lap while I was on the computer. Once she discovered that the top of the computer monitor was warmer, she decided to lay there.

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Awww! These are too cute! i'm going to have to take some new pics of my babies to post them.
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Stumpy - our newly adopted snuggler

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ooo.. i love Stumpy... anyway, i had my cats' lap positioning in my blog... check out under Me & My Cats section
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Stumpy is quite the lover! How sweet!
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Stumpy is just tooo sweet for words - but my my what big paws you have
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She's got big ears as well, and little black pointy tufts at the end which make her ears look longer and pointier! She's 10 or 11 months, so I don't think she's going to grow any more into her ears. Actually I don't think her paws are big - she was just kneading me at the time!

She is a real snuggly kitty

Edit: Oh and to put this into perspective... This is the first day I had her when she was struggling to walk with her broken pelvis, and had stitches in her tail where it got amputated, and was probably still in a bit of pain! You can see how well the settled in to our home and how lovely and calm a cat she is!
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stumpy is so cute sleeping like that, I love it.. I love it.

Below is a pix of my Maya Karin. She is not a lap cat ...she never like it when I take her and put her on my lap ...but twice a day she would come to my lap to do kneading. After she is done with her kneading she just left like I no use no more..
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aww, these are too cute!
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I just found an old pix. In the pix Maya Karin was about to leave me after her kneading session

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Heres Rosie on Gils lap (more or less)

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Rosie just cracks me up! She always has her mouth open!
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